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If Movies That Were Shot In Vancouver Were Actually Set In Vancouver

No more hidden identity.

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Vancouver has a bustling film industry, but the city rarely gets to play itself in films or TV shows. Filmmaker Tony Zhou explores why Vancouver "Never Plays Itself" in this video as part of his online video essay series, Every Frame a Painting.

So... what would happen to well-known movies filmed in Vancouver if the city had actually played itself?

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Summit Entertainment

If it was set in Vancouver: Renesmee’s baby pictures would include her in a Canuck’s onesie, a photo of them out on stroll in Stanley park (on a cloudy day), and Renesmee posing with the penguins at the Vancouver aquarium — right before she tried to bite one.


3. Juno

Fox Searchlight Pictures

If it was set in Vancouver: Juno would have been drinking litres of Canada Dry ginger ale instead of gallons of Sunny-D before taking the pregnancy tests.

The upside: the ginger ale would probably help with morning sickness.


11. X-Men: The Last Stand

20th Century Fox

If it was set in Vancouver: Wolverine would have been so happy to be back in his homeland that he would spend the majority of the movie in a Gastown bar — drinking Molson and watching Canucks games.