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    17 Cats Really Loving The Cat Nip

    Just let them live.

    1. Cats have it rough, and some days they just need a little nip to take off the edge.

    2. To loosen them up.

    3. To chill out and not be so uptight about their serious cat stuff.

    4. Some cats only need a little pinch.

    5. Others...well...

    6. get it.

    7. A first time on the nip can be the most relaxing.

    8. Or a ~WiLd riDE~.

    9. A lot of first timers can get a little paranoid.

    10. But that cat nip is magical, and soon enough they're straight chillin'.


    12. The nip opens up a new way to lay on that cat tree that used to seem so boring.

    13. Or a new way to think about that red dot that always makes appearances in your life.

    14. Some cats are more into it than others.

    15. Some will stop at nothing to get their paws on the nip.

    16. Lookin' at you, Felix.

    17. But if there's one thing all cats can agree on, it's this: