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    8 Ways Getting A Cat Totally Wrecks Your Life

    The cold hard truth about cat ownership, brought to you by BuzzFeed artist Adam Ellis. (Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.)

    A couple years ago I got the wild idea that I was responsible enough to get a cat. Looking back, this was a foolish notion, but I am now a cat owner and there's no turning back. What I've learned is that cats wreck your life (in the best way possible). Here's how:

    1. All your money will literally vanish.

    2. You'll never be able to write an important email again.

    3. Your food will no longer actually be your food.

    4. You can say goodbye to sleeping in. Ever.

    5. You'll never have privacy again.

    6. Your phone's storage will never know peace.

    7. Cat hair will take over your life.

    8. You have to stare at a butthole like 17 times a day.

    9. So what's good about getting a cat? There's really only one reason. If you get a cat, you can finally shoot that All The Single Kitties parody video.

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