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    The Hottest Socks In Tech

    We're in a tech sock bubble.

    1. Slack socks.

    Thanks for the awesome Slack socks, @SlackHQ!


    2. Facebook socks.

    3. YouTube socks.

    4. Airbnb socks.

    5. The-company-formerly-known-as-Google socks.

    6. IFTTT socks.

    7. Asana socks.

    #newasana is sick. Thanks for the socks @asana!


    8. Salesforce socks.

    Salesforce socks give to my customer at the @salesforce ignite workshop.


    9. Do socks.

    10. Product Hunt designed these socks.

    11. More Facebook socks.

    12. We're in a TECH SOCK BUBBLE.

    13. Wait...

    BUY BUY BUY!!!!