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23 Things You Know If You’ve Been Best Friends Your Whole Life

So many embarrassing photos.

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12. And you can text about nothing for ages and still feel like you had a good chat.

😂 I love my best friend!! We can always talk about nothing together.


15. And because your mums are friends you basically end up knowing all of your BFFs news before you see each other.

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Sometimes when you catch up it's a bit like this:

"I'm going to Thailand in October."

"Yeah, my mum told me."

"I hear you've been dating someone amazing."

"Yeah, my mum told me."


17. And you usually have A LOT more gossip to catch up on than with your other friends.

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Because you need to know about their Grandma's scandalous new boyfriend. And everything all their former school friends are doing now.

19. And you've probably promised that they get to be godparent to your future kids.

So your kids can know you were fun once.


22. They're the only person who is completely honest with you.

when you're brutally honest with your bestfriend 😂

Real friends will tell you when your new haircut makes you look terrible.

23. But they'll always be your best friend, because they know too much.