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    A Kitten Used His Tiny Wheelchair For The First Time And It Was Beautiful


    This is Cassidy, a kitten who lost his hind legs shortly after birth.

    Tinykittens Society

    Cassidy was born to a feral mom and almost died in the first two months of his life before he was rescued by the TinyKittens Society, an animal rescue group in Langley, British Columbia.

    Tinykittens Society / Via Facebook: tinykittens

    Shelly Roche, owner of TinyKittens, told The Huffington Post the kitten’s legs were most likely chewed off by his mother when she was trying to detach his umbilical cord at birth.

    “By the time he was rescued, he had nearly starved to death and his depleted body had stopped fighting a horrific E. Coli infection in both stumps,” the group said on its Facebook page.

    But Cassidy was determined not to give up, and before long he started to regain his strength, earning the title of Miracle Kitten.

    TinyKittens Society

    Cassidy still had trouble getting around even once he was healthy, so Handicapped Pets Canada, a company that helps animals with disabilities, made him a tiny wheelchair to help the little guy be fully independent and able to walk on his own.

    Last week Cassidy took his first walk by himself — and it was triumphant!

    Facebook: video.php

    Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" has never been more fitting than in this video.

    Bonus: You can watch Cassidy's continuing recovery 24/7 on the TinyKittens livestream.

    You do you, Miracle Kitten.

    Tinykittens / Via Facebook: tinykittens

    🎵And he's watching us all with the eyyyyye of the tiger🎵

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