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Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey

"I want to shave my tongue right now."

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BuzzFeed Video invited two whiskey experts to review some cheap whiskeys, and the results were pretty mixed.

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For Master of Scotch Rick Edwards, first impressions mean a lot.

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And Single Malt Specialist Kat Aagesen appreciates the artistry and history that goes into the creation of a good whiskey.

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First up, Wild Turkey 101.

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Kat called it "aggressive" and compared it to one of those chocolate oranges you get at Christmastime. Rick said it had a "nail polish remover, kind of acetone characteristic" and tasted "a little rubber."

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Rick: 4 Stars (I guess he likes rubber and acetone!)

Kat: 3 Stars

Next up, Jim Beam.

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Kat called it "pleasant on the nose" and "really smooth." Rick said it had a certain waxiness, and recognized the single-grain flavors of cotton candy and bubble gum.

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Rick: 3 Stars

Kat: 4 Stars

Time for a taste of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.

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Rick was not a fan. He said, "I want to shave my tongue right now."

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Kat: 2 Stars

Rick: "This BARELY gets a half star."

What did our experts make of Evan Williams?

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Although he noted the nice "age and elegance" of this one, Rick was getting a little tipsy on "sweaty shoes and butterscotch." Kat tasted a "baked cinnamon apple" and said it was very "bready."

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Kat: 3.5 Stars

Rick: 4 Stars

Last up, Fireball.

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There's that first impression...

Rick said, "I would NOT consider that a whiskey." Kat simply said, "This is no way to live, you guys." Wow.

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Rick: 1 Star

Kat: Negative Infinity!

Rick's final thoughts:

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"You guys were cruel on a couple of those. There was also some whiskeys that I thought were fantastic."

Kat's final thought:

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"I believe that everyone will find their whiskey that they really love."