Natasha Lyonne And Judy Greer Find Out How Well They Know Each Other

    We put the stars of Addicted to Fresno to the test!

    You recognize Judy Greer from, well, basically every damn film you've ever seen; and Natasha Lyonne as a fan-favorite inmate from Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black. Now the hilarious actors are teaming up in the new comedy Addicted to Fresno, in which they play co-dependent sisters working as hotel maids in Fresno, California. When the pair recently stopped by BuzzFeed NY, we put them to the test to see just how well they really know each other. As you can probably imagine, things got pretty weird.

    What was the first thing Natasha thought when meeting Judy?

    OK, can I get a little explanation?

    Natasha Lyonna and Judy Greer: Nope!

    Natasha wrote, “You fucked my boyfriend.” Judy wrote, “She fucked my ex-boyfriend.”

    What was the first thing Judy thought when meeting Natasha?

    Natasha wrote, “She’s scary.” Judy wrote, “She is funnier than me.”

    What is Natasha’s favorite curse word?

    Natasha wrote, “Cum stain!” Judy wrote, “All of the above.”

    What is Judy’s favorite curse word?

    NL: Oh this was meant to say “fucks” — I just spelled it wrong.

    JG: I’m not good at saying it; when I say it it comes out as “shucks.”

    Natasha wrote, “Shucks :).” Judy wrote, “Fuck.”

    What is Natasha’s biggest pet peeve?

    NL: Yeah it’s especially, if you touch me while I’m hot — bad scene.

    Natasha wrote, “Heat & touching.” Judy wrote, “Being hot.”

    What is Judy’s biggest pet peeve?

    NL: Shit! Ughhhhh.

    NL: Boom operators, when they talk! Because we were doing a scene, and the boom operator chimed in. It was like if pet peeves were fun. The one she wrote is like if pet peeves were scary.

    Natasha wrote, “Boom operators who talk.” Judy wrote, “When Natasha is hot.”

    What is Natasha most likely doing when she’s not working on set, in between scenes?

    JG: (Pointing at “Sexting” written on the notepad) This you do while ON set.

    NL: Oh yeah, this I do during the scene.

    JG: (Pointing at “Root beer” written on the notepad) And then that we’re all doing. But I’d say this is more asking where root beer is.

    NL: Who has root beer? Root beer? Root beer?

    JG: Where’s root beer?! Judy, take a picture of my tit!

    Natasha wrote, “Root beer, smoking, sexting.” Judy wrote, “Smoking.”

    What is Judy most likely doing when she’s not working on set, in between scenes?

    JG: And that! Definitely. (Writes "Texting her husband" on the notepad)

    Natasha wrote, “Texting her husband.” Judy wrote, “Pinterest.”

    What’s Natasha’s favorite thing to snack on at craft services?

    NL: Camels! (To Judy) What’s yours say? Yeah, you know. Listen, I eat.

    Natasha wrote, “Camels.” Judy wrote, “She eats?”

    What’s Judy’s favorite thing to snack on at craft services?

    JG: I’m the most boring person I know.

    Natasha wrote, “Almonds, green tea, yogurt.” Judy wrote, “Apple, banana, nuts.”

    What is Natasha’s secret talent?

    NL: That’s a lie. (To Judy) What’d you say? I am really good at that. But that’s not even a secret talent I feel like that’s common knowledge.

    JG: “Hey Judy, take a picture of my tits.”

    NL: I’ve never said that, have I?

    JG: No, you tried to take a picture of my tits.

    NL: That is good sexting! And I think we can all learn a good lesson from that today here kids. Why send your own boob when they’ve already seen it? Send a friend's!

    JG: Send a friend's boob!

    NL: They’ll think you’re both open-minded and down for a good time! They’ll think it’s gonna be a lifetime of adventure and then you can sure show them, can’t you?!

    Natasha wrote, “Dance!” Judy wrote, “Sexting.”

    What is Natasha’s favorite TV show?

    NL: Ohh, awkward. Because I chose Dennis Franz as my crush, who is not on that show. So this is a little bit of a tense spot you put me in. Uh anyway, boy that, uh, Dennis Franz episode of Portlandia was excellent.

    Natasha wrote “NYPD Blue.” Judy wrote, “Portlandia.”

    What's Judy's favorite show to binge-watch on Netflix?

    JG: Did you ever watch Homicide? It’s so good.

    NL: I’m telling you: She’s a stone cold, cold-blooded killer. Have you ever seen Homicide? What a great show. (Rolls eyes)

    JG: My favorite TV show to binge-watch?

    NL: On Netflix, specifically. And I didn’t mean that in a leading way!

    JG: What is Netflix?

    NL: Well basically it’s like a place, and you can go on it, order anything you want.

    JG: Orange Is the New Black!

    Natasha wrote, “Arrested Development.” Judy wrote, “Orange Is the New Black.”

    Who is Natasha’s celeb crush?

    JG: Well, I think we all know the answer to that one.

    NL: Judy will tell you, and this is in all seriousness, that she knows that she has the best boobs in the biz. And should you be lucky enough to see them, on Pay-Per-View or what have you, you’ll see that it is the truth.

    Natasha wrote, “Judy.” Judy wrote, “Dennis Franz.”

    Who is Judy’s celeb crush?

    Natasha wrote, “Carl Weathers?” Judy wrote, “Matt Damon, duh.”

    What is Judy’s favorite magazine?

    JG: It’s a joke.

    NL: I thought that said Cat Factory. I was like, that’s a horrible magazine. You like cats? I always thought you were a dog person.

    JG: I like looking at cats, but I’m a allergic.

    NL: Me too.

    Natasha wrote, “Architectural Digest.” Judy wrote, “Cat Fancy.”

    What word does Natasha use most often?

    NL: I feel like I’m always like, even if I do that, I’m like uhhhh, root beer!

    JG: When I’m around I feel like you go, “Greer. Greer! Greer!”

    NL: Greer, get in the van! Greer!

    Natasha wrote, “Uh.” Judy wrote, “Root beer.”

    Watch the fun go down in the video below:

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    Addicted to Fresno is in theaters Friday, Oct. 2, and is on demand and on iTunes now.