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    If Dating Was Like A Video Game

    Don't like this dress I'm wearing? GAME. OVER.

    For anyone who’s ever ~dated~ you’re probably well-aware that love is a game. So, what would happen if our real love lives were just an 8-bit heartbreak?

    In Super Love 2: Hyper Loving, you have a simple goal that's deceptively hard.

    Before you can play, you have to pick your partner. Like real life – your choices are very limited.

    On the first level, you slog through a bunch of dialogue to test compatibility.

    And if you don't completely fuck up, you unlock Bonus Sexy Mini-Games.

    While the first world is about getting to know each other, the second world unlocks the real challenge: EMOTIONS.

    By World 2, you definitely should have unlocked this achievement.

    At this point, you'll start facing some pretty tough random encounters in the wild grass, so be careful.

    You're only allowed to bring two items to your confrontation with the boss of World 2: The Parental Unit. Good luck!

    The good news? Unlike real life, if you fail, you get infinite continues.