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    BuzzFeed WKND: 10.02.15

    October is finally here.

    What We Know So Far

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    FOOD | eat + drink

    21 Dinners You Only Need 20 Minutes To Make

    21 Gorgeous Drinking Accessories To Get You Elegantly Wasted

    Here's A Make-Ahead Meal Plan That Anyone Can Cook

    What Is Your Dessert IQ?

    21 Modern Make-Ahead Casseroles

    41 Healthy Things To Eat That Are Not Salad

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    DIY | create

    31 Halloween Costumes That Require Absolutely No Skill

    13 Hidden iPhone 6s Tips And Tricks

    27 Clever Ways To Remember All Your Shit

    28 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

    21 Minimalist Products That Might Turn You On

    49 Halloween Costumes All Book Lovers Will Appreciate

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    STYLE | mix + match

    Kurt Cobain's Daughter Got Married Without Telling Her Mom

    Man Buns Are Making Guys Go Bald And It's Kind Of The Worst

    H&M Just Hired Its First Hijab-Wearing Model And She's Awesome

    19 Times Contouring Got Completely Out Of Control

    Here's How To Do Your Makeup So It Looks Incredible In Pictures

    Nicki Minaj Just Said Exactly What You Were Thinking About Zendaya's New Barbie

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    PARENTS | team up

    32 Amazing DIY Costumes That Prove Halloween Is Actually Meant For Teens

    31 Incredibly Helpful Tips And Hacks For A New Baby

    A Dad Halted His Daughter's Wedding So Her Stepdad Could Help Give Her Away

    A Ranking Of The Creepiest Kids In Horror Movies

    17 Easy Magic Tricks That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

    This Broadway Star Called Out His Audience For Shaming A Special Needs Child

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    HEALTH | be well

    25 Of The Most Embarrassing Things People Have Done At The Doctor's Office

    This 29-Year-Old's Graphic Surgery Photos Show The Crippling Effects of Arthritis

    23 Things Everyone With A Penis Needs To Know

    21 Pictures That Prove Workout Clothes Are Actually The Only Clothes You Need

    11 Charts That Will Speak To Everyone Who Fucking Loves Sleep

    This New Infographic Shows Exactly Why You Need To Get Tested

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    TRAVEL | explore

    This 27-Year-Old Is Making Enough Money On Airbnb To Fund Her World Travels

    11 Incredibly Cool Places Where You Should Totally Have A Star Wars Staycation

    21 Frighteningy Fun Things To Do At Disneyland This Halloween

    16 Things Every Tourist Should Know About London

    Fall In L.A. Vs. Fall Everywhere Else

    23 Beaches You Won't Believe Actually Exist In India

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