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    A Mountain Lion Just Climbed A Utility Pole In California And Stayed There


    Mountain lions in Southern California have become a more and more common sight in recent years.

    With the deployment of remote cameras in the mountainous forest lands that spread throughout the greater Los Angeles area, the local mountain lion population has even gained celebrity status.

    Practically every major development gets a rush of press coverage, like when these cubs were discovered in the Santa Monica Mountain range.

    National Park Service

    Or when they were spotted in the Hollywood Hills doing what big cats do.

    National Park Service

    And let's not forget this majestic National Geographic photograph of a mountain lion prowling below the Hollywood sign.

    But this photo of a mountain lion perched atop A POWER POLE on Tuesday is next level.

    Mountain lion on a pole prompts Hesperia Animal Control to release warning


    The lion was spotted by a staff photographer for the Daily Press near the high desert community of Hesperia.

    The Daily Press reported that by Wednesday morning, the big cat — which was described as a healthy looking adult — had apparently climbed back down and disappeared.

    Witnesses told the paper the mountain lion scurried up the pole after it was spotted by local school children, who started screaming with excitement. State wildlife officials stood guard around the pole to keep looky-loos at bay throughout the day.


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