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    An Artist Has Designed A "Rape Cloak" To Ask People To Rethink Consent

    "No one is ever asking for it. We shouldn't be asking women to cover up," artist Sarah Maple told BuzzFeed News.

    Artist Sarah Maple has created a "rape cloak" to comment on the culture of victim-blaming as part of a new exhibition celebrating feminist activism.

    She said it was ridiculous to think that women brought abuse upon themselves, and by wearing a cloak would be "completely safe from rape in any place, anywhere, any context, no longer 'asking for it'".

    "It's very evident from the abuse feminists get online that many people think that we are 'making a fuss about nothing' and we should be quiet," Maple said.

    Maple also designed black hoods for the exhibition that she said were inspired by photos she found of a 1960s beauty competition where women wore paper bags on their heads to divert focus to their bodies.

    "It's very odd that women are encouraged to be sexy and are told constantly by the media that our sexiness dictates our value and worth, but then if we dress sexily we deserve to be raped," she said.

    "It's a contradiction I can't get my head around. It is also ridiculous to think that a bit of female flesh on view turns men into savage beasts who must have sex right away. It's a damaging idea for both sexes."

    Maple was raised a Muslim, and said that "initially the cloak was meant to be very burka-like" so that it covered all of a woman's skin, except around the eyes.

    Maple said that she hopes the exhibition will make people rethink ideas around rape and victim-blaming. "We shouldn't be asking women to cover up, we should be educating people about consent and they should not be raping," she said.