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    21 Things That Prove Nice Guys Are The Absolute Worst

    You've been nice to a girl? That's 100 points towards your sex prize!

    1. This guy, who's incredibly nice, but only for 102 minutes.

    2. This is another very nice guy, who remains a nice guy regardless of what you say to him.

    3. Tom is so nice that he thinks all women are terrible.

    4. Eric is such an incredibly nice guy that guys won't let their girlfriends date him.

    5. This guy is so nice, he hasn't released his inner wolf. YET...

    6. This guy is so wonderfully nice, he just wants to smell this girl's hair. Because he probably likes her shampoo.

    7. This guy's nice, because he just knows how to talk to a woman.

    8. This guy is so nice as well.

    9. This guy is so nice he just needs to be heard.

    10. This guy is nice that he really needs a compliment. Like, really, really needs it.

    11. This guy is nice, so nice, so unbelievably nice.

    12. This guy isn't so much a nice guy as a good guy, but damn, what a good guy.

    13. These guys are just all about being nice, as everyone knows.

    14. So nice, so very, very nice.

    15. This guy is nice enough that his education is actually affected by it.

    16. This guy is nice, even when the world is against him.

    17. So nice, and he just wants to talk. But five whole minutes? You're testing his niceness.

    18. This is incredibly nice, so nice he had to go on an angry rant about it.

    19. And this guy is nice enough that he'll keep a woman's number and text her out of the blue. And he'll stay being nice, of course.

    20. This guy is a nice gentleman.

    21. And this guy is so nice, peak nice, so nice he even thinks that feminism is a good thing.