“I'm, like, three weeks away from going to register as an independent. I really am.”

Darren Sands • One month ago

The 2016 presidential nominee has so far been largely in the background this election season.

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

“This is outrageous, not what Vermont is about, and must be thoroughly investigated,” Bernie Sanders said in a statement.

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

Clients, including Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, had taken their fundraising business elsewhere after sweeping staff departures at Revolution Messaging.

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

“I view this as zero barrier to anything,” says Sanders’ former campaign manager.

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

Superdelegates will no longer have a say in the nominating process. (Except in the unlikely event of a contested convention.)

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

Fight PAC will support candidates with “size and presence.”

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

A day's worth of hacking confusion stems from a well-meaning tech startup trying to help the Michigan Democratic Party.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

They are friends, partners in the Senate, and leaders of a progressive movement. But Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are not the same. “He’s a socialist, and I believe in markets.”

Ruby Cramer • One month ago

At this year’s Netroots Nation, Democrats embrace the language of the new left.

Ryan C. Brooks • 2 months ago

Tad Devine, a top adviser to Sanders’ 2016 campaign, previously worked with Manafort in Ukraine.

Ruby Cramer • 2 months ago

An exhibit list released this week in the Mueller investigation cites emails from 2014. It was previously reported that Tad Devine, a top Sanders strategist, stopped working in Ukraine in 2012.

Ruby Cramer • 3 months ago

By next year, Democrats could see the number of caucus states cut in half — a potential blow to insurgent candidates ahead of the next presidential election.

Ruby Cramer • 3 months ago

The progressive digital firm grew quickly after 2016, but not in line with its own values, current and former staffers say.

Ruby Cramer • 3 months ago

Revolution Messaging helped raise millions for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Ruby Cramer • 4 months ago

"People in Ohio know there's an opportunity here we have not had in a very long time."

Ruby Cramer • 5 months ago

“You used to have to say, ‘Despite the fact that I'm a woman, I'm qualified.’ Now you have to explain why you're not a woman.”

Ruby Cramer • 5 months ago

The ad is titled “Republican Lite.”

Henry J. Gomez • 5 months ago

Sens. Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand have all come out in support of guaranteed jobs plans.

Molly Hensley-Clancy • 5 months ago

"We believe that the passage of these reforms is a fundamental and necessary step," reads the draft of a letter from Jeff Weaver, a top Sanders adviser.

Ruby Cramer • 6 months ago