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    Posted on Oct 1, 2015

    12 People Who Are Going To Have A Really Hard Time Doing Their Job In That Costume

    Heels are great...but maybe not when you're on your way to a medical emergency.

    1. This cowboy is going to get a terrible sunburn if he rides around shirtless like that!

    Your hat can't protect you from everything!

    2. Have you ever tried to clean things with a literal feather? Because it doesn't work well.

    3. This nurse might have a little trouble running to an emergency in those platform heels.

    4. If all the referees are marked number "69," isn't that going to get super confusing???

    5. This construction worker's jackhammer doesn't even function!

    Who hired this guy?!

    6. If this witch spills her potion without the proper clothing to protect her, she's absolutely screwed!

    That broom doesn't look ready for takeoff, either.

    7. This ringleader/lion tamer might get a lion's claws caught in those fishnets if she's not careful!

    8. This flight attendant has no room in those pockets for peanuts. And a flight without peanuts is never a good flight.

    9. If this sailor wants to catch some real fish, she should be wearing a pair of waterproof fishing waders!

    Those stockings just aren't cutting it.

    10. How is she supposed to play soccer without shin guards???

    That's how people get bruises!

    11. This baseball player is playing for the "red and white" team, which isn't a real team at all!

    12. And this oil mechanic can't get much done with a plastic wrench.

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