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November 1, 2016

"A male-only workspace, how original and disruptive."

Amantes del sci-fi, aquí tienen su nueva obsesión.

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman spoke to BuzzFeed News about how Jane’s big moment came to be. Warning: Spoilers for the Oct. 31 episode!


Clever writers.

Americans are heading to the polls on Nov. 8, but here's how people around the globe cast their ballots.

The early votes are coming in — and showing lower turnout numbers among black voters in crucial states like Florida and North Carolina. Black Democrats are saying they figured this would happen all along, and they aren’t worried yet.

"I never participated in it, I never went to a black site, never met with a detainee," the third-party candidate tells BuzzFeed News.

Get ready to fall in love.

Well then.

Because some days need to get in the bin.

Everyone expects it to happen and the fear that it might not is almost too much to consider. "I can't even bear to think about it."

Latina queens everywhere.

Trump boasts that LGBT voters love him — but his campaign hasn’t identified an LGBT platform, any LGBT outreach effort, or campaign ambassadors to LGBT voters. Polls show his LGBT support is in the tubes, and the most prominent “LGBT for Trump” group is essentially one gay man with a Facebook page.

Because why not?

Sólo un verdadero fan podrá llegar al final de este quiz.

Food is better when it's in a bowl.

“At the end of the day, we don’t know what happened."

It's a rock solid cake.

The Doctor Strange star answers all of your ~burning~ Tumblr questions!

Do the sack dance!

Amantes de la cafeína: estos consejos mejorarán tus días.

Rest in peach.

In case you've forgotten, our world is an amazingly beautiful place.

Give these sign makers a promotion, please.

A city in northern Mexico where many drug kingpins are buried is pleading with people not to sing narcocorridos — songs glorifying cartels — while partying this year.

Alunos da UFRGS informam que ocuparam prédios de 20 cursos. Na UnB, 1.400 tomam a reitoria. Juiz de Brasília autorizou PM a cortar luz, água e até alimentos para desocupar escola.

Para comemorar o aniversário de 10 ANOS do seu álbum de estreia.

Todo dia é um dia mais perto do próximo reencontro.

The contract for the $600 million Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, obtained by BuzzFeed News, shows that like most other nonprofit research organizations, it can commercialize any discovery it funds.

Quantas você acertou?




Dios bendiga a los cortos de terror en YouTube.


"You call this music?"

Ser mau nunca pareceu tão bom.

Segundo a cantora, mesmo hoje ela fica "assustada" só de pensar em ter outro filho.

Cuidado que aqui tem spoiler!

Just in case you were unclear on where they stand.

Instagram espera que una nueva función de "comprar ahora" impulse las ventas en una época en la cual las redes sociales están peleando por descifrar el comercio.

Todos son maestros del Halloween, pero sólo puede haber un ganador.

"Sentimos informar que seu produto não passou nos nossos testes básicos de padrão e controle de qualidade."

Não é exatamente o que você está pensando. Mas pode ser…

No lleva ni 24 horas y la petición ya tiene más de 20,000 firmas.

Trump may not deliver the "Brexit times five" that he's promising, but his supporters are taking note of their friends across the pond.

When a deputy asked Austin Harrouff what he ate, the 19-year-old reportedly said "humans," and spit out a piece of flesh, according to recently obtained court documents.

Best wedding outfits ever?

¡Probablemente tomabas fotos con una cámara desechable!

Some have even accused the coffee chain of "political brainwashing."

Family Halloween portraits for the win.

Want to compete against Facebook and Snapchat? Good luck.

“We’re just here and we’re going to do our jobs well no matter who’s in charge.”

Se nenhuma dessas der certo, pode pedir seu dinheiro de volta.

The hangry thief is still at large, but the victim got surprise delivery of 6,500 Kit Kat bars in response.

Con apariciones de Glenn y Lady Coralina.

Responda na sinceridade e descubra se você é de boas, folgadinho ou folgado demais na comparação com quem respondeu.

"He was showing his 90-year-old grandmother pictures on his phone and she ended up seeing his semi-chub toilet dick pic."

"My parents told me that they loved me no matter what."

¿Serías más Dr. House o Dr. Nick Riviera?

Spoiler: Todos se ven pachequísimos.

"New roommate? Oh. That's cool, I guess."

Nos vemos luego, ¡estoy saliendo para Bangkok!

Esta iguaria merece tratamento especial.

"Aww I could cry!"

Italia fue golpeada por un terremoto de magnitud 6.6 el domingo por la mañana.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a really hot guy.

Todo mundo sabe, mas ninguém fala no próprio grupo.

"He was introduced to us as the First Secretary of the embassy – in other words, the KGB's man in London," wrote Eurosceptic businessman Arron Banks.

"Adoraria ter um peruzinho para saber se é por isso que os homens se sentem tão poderosos" - Cláudia Abreu.

These pumpkin spice donut holes are so perfect right now.

El creador de la serie hizo una lista inspirada en 'San Junipero', el capítulo del que todos estamos hablando. Tu día se pondrá increíblemente ochentero, noventero y más.

The pair, both Polish nationals, received an eight-month jail term at Blackfriars crown court.

Can YOU survive this quiz without being killed off by Shonda Rhimes?

Duas culturas, quatro receitas.

"Sorry, I can't come into work today. I've twatted my knee on a cartoon dog."

Las cosas grandes ayudan, pero también pueden hacerlo las pequeñas cosas.

That image posted to her Facebook page was almost certainly old.

You find a dress you love and everything fits you perfectly apart from the boob area.

Great for small apartments and gardening newbies alike.

The latest indie turn from Kristen Stewart, a doc about Japan's biggest glam-rock band, and more.

Es geht um Deutschland. Also streng dich lieber an.

From forgotten heroes to major landmarks, discover what went down in your neighbourhood.


Unser Beileid.

Y ninguna tiene que ver con frotárselo en el pechito.

Encogerse de hombros, facepalm y aguacate son algunos de los nuevos emojis en el adelanto para desarrolladores del iOS 10.2.

Zeeman described their tights for being for all legs.

You're probably absolutely wrong if your answer is not the 24th of December.

"It was important to me but it was also important that it was part of the story – nobody cares, let's see how their relationship goes," creator and executive producer Patrick Ness told BuzzFeed News at a panel for the show.

Remember: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.

Karen Bradley's announcement that there will be a 10-week consultation on the second stage of the Leveson inquiry was criticised by Labour.

Hardwired... To Self Destruct es probablemente el disco más honesto de la banda desde el álbum negro.

The steaks have never been higher.

Please enjoy this day-by-day plan to help you get to the bitter and terrifying end!

How big a sci-fi geek are you really?

Deals at World Market, ModCloth, HerRoom, and more!

"Illuminati confirmed??"

Bueno, ¿pero los alunizajes fueron reales o no?

Witnesses said Hussain Saeed Alnahdi was attacked by a white male outside a pizza parlor near the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus.

Caso aconteceu em Santos: mergulhador foi condenado a 18 anos por matar músico. Ex-mulher foi presa porque o juiz considerou que ela deixou de ser "pivô" para ser "causa do crime".

"Everything could change today. Or one tiny, vital thing. What it WON'T be is a re-run of yesterday."

"Black culture isn't a fucking fashion trend. STOP."

Italy was struck by a magnitude-6.6 quake on Sunday morning.

Com boas ideias para inspirar o nome de seus filhos.

Get every question right, and make Barney Stinson proud.

*hesitantly munches away*

El padre del año.

Start saving your dollars now.

Catch you later, I'm Bangkok-bound!

Instagram is hoping a new "shop now" feature will kickstart sales at a time when social media companies are struggling to figure out commerce.

Um meme tão bom que é digno de fantasia.

Na entrevista com a TV gringa, o piloto respondeu qualquer coisa mas o colega de equipe resolveu a situação.

Am I too ill to go to the gym?

Willy Wonka war ein Serienkiller?

You need this today.

"So this is what my vagina looks like."


Sério, é igual.

Gostaria de uma cestinha?

Ao promover a ferramenta "Trending", segundo especialistas, o Facebook está criando uma situação em que, no futuro, a disseminação de informações falsas ocorrerá em proporções nunca vistas.

Apologies for any early midlife crises this may cause.

Game time.

Probably taken by a flimsy disposable camera!

Why ask them like a mature adult when you could use this handy chart?

Make it so.

Ninety-nine per cent of problems seem smaller after having a good cry on the phone to your mum.

Though if you can't be weird with your best friend, who can you be weird with?

Hold on, there's a missed call from my sofa.

Angel Jasmine Tookes' visible stretch marks give us hope.

Less spooky, more starry.

"I shall observe one minute noise to mark the occasion."

The meeting with Viktor Orbán comes amid concern in a number of EU governments that the UK is seeking to divide and conquer in Brexit negotiations.

We all have our bitch antics.

Time to go back to chemistry class.

Remember "Crazy Possessive"?

Fully alive or a cold husk of your former self?


No children were on the school bus at the time of the accident, police said.

Aqui é Dia das Bruxas, mermão!

Potato mum is an inspiration.

The woman known as "Emily Doe" told Glamour what happened in the months after she read her powerful victim statement.

Many people have claimed that the Honey G character looks like a racist parody who is appropriating and mocking black culture. The X Factor host doesn't agree.

Jeder, der isst, sollte das wissen.

You see all those big fancy effects every Guy Fawkes' Night but do you actually know their names?

Things to buy, things to do, and ways to save that $$$.

Clean it once, and keep it clean for (almost) ever.

( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

When you have kids, there's gross and then there's gross.

You can never have enough dog reactions.


"My 2016 goals plummeted all the way down to 'survive' really quick."

Time to play ~Smash~!

Planned my day so that I would be in bed by 10pm, have an hour to read, and then a nice eight hours of sleep from 11pm to 7am.


Long live the lizard queen!

Do you wear socks to bed?

“You took him back, didn’t you?”

Send a piece of home with these cheap-and-chic building blocks.

"When I look back, I see how ill I was."

Can't stop, won't stop.

Nap all day, sleep all night.

Carbs > Everything.

Adele has revealed that her postnatal depression was so severe that she's now "scared" to contemplate having another child.

Some of the best looks from London's Comic Con.

Fuss free meals for the win!

Treat yo phone.

Na? Schluck Diät-Wasser gefällig?

Ihr passt immer aufeinander auf.

I can't decide if I'm impressed or severely creeped out.


Zeig das nicht deinem Vater.

Ça c'est du sérieux.

Qu'est-ce que vous attendez?



Father of the year.

進化? 劣化?

Soit @LesRepublicains sont très mal informés, soit ils roulent pour l'ancien président de la République.


More like Di-wow-li, amirite?

"India is our inspiration and no matter how many times we return we always find something new."

BuzzFeed Newsが社内文書を入手した




Karan Johar shows us the journey of a man learning about love, friendship, and being a borderline abusive crybaby.



Everyone go home. The queen and king of Halloween have been crowned.

“This is rank hypocrisy from Labor and the unions”

Three people, including two kids, were killed and several more injured after a truck plowed into a Halloween hayride trailer in Mississippi.

Depression, muscle pain, mood swings, acne, and changes in libido – sound familiar?



"I believe firmly in the promotion of animal rights activism through baked goods. Except for all the eggs."

"It is important we all stand together."


A perfect start for your wannabe nuclear family.

Only thing better than an Oreo is an Oreo-based dessert.

Of course she did.



Two women were thrown out of a rally Monday amid cries of “paid protester!” — one for yelling “Trump’s a rapist!”, the other for coming to that woman’s aid.

Turns out Muslims aren't psychic.





Officials on Monday released audio of the calls between Omar Mateen and a police negotiator from inside the Pulse nightclub, where he massacred 49 people.


Red velvet > everything else.

Si nunca te sacaron a Exodia, no tuviste infancia.

'Cause nobody has time for tangles.

There is just so much to take in here.

No tengas miedo a mostrar tu señora interior.

They'll never be MC.

The next administration will inherit the @POTUS Twitter handle.

Could you pick the ~healthier~ options if you wanted to?

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