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19 Gifts For People Who Can't Stop Crafting

Can't stop, won't stop.

1. A set of enamel pins for the crafter who really does it all. (Or split 'em up if you have multiple crafty friends!)

2. A set of 78 gradient, iron-on letters for personalizing anything and everything.

3. These perfect knitting kits for crafters who are always cold and want to pick up a new skill.

Buy 'em from We Are Knitters for $51 for the snood set, and $56 for the recycled-t-shirt-yarn pillow kit.

(Insider tip, you get $12 off your first order when you sign up for their emails. Plus, as soon as your friend knows how to knit, you'll be the beneficiary of so many knitted goods — it really is the gift that keeps on giving)

4. A pair of super adorable and portable scissors, because crafters never have enough of them.

5. A five-star rated cutting mat that's self healing and comes with a 10-year warranty.

6. Some washi tape that's so cute they'll definitely find a reason to use it.

7. And some adorable tape dispensers to go along with all that washi tape.

8. A five-star set of 20 brush markers from Japan.

9. The ultimate defuzzer for all those handmade blankets and sweaters.

10. A highly-rated, refillable sticker maker because sometimes other people's stickers just aren't good enough.

11. A portable set of neon colored pencils, for those bursts of inspiration.

12. A set of 700 self-adhesive googly eyes, or just two HUGE googly eyes, because why not.

Get 'em from Amazon and Michael's Crafts for $7.99 and $4.99, respectively.

13. A gift card to Spoonflower, where you can design your own fabric.

14. A rainbow 10-drawer organizer for fitting all those stray craft supplies.

15. An Xacto knife set with an easy-to-wrap box, for when scissors just aren't gonna cut it.

16. A pair of enamel pins with the mottos and mantras of all crafters.

Order them from rebeccamarquez on Etsy, and Super Team Deluxe for $8 and $10, respectively.

17. A set of extra fine glitters because sometimes you just need 'em.

18. A set of dandelion pushpins, for pinning wishes to dreamboards and crafting them into existence.

Get 'em from Amazon for $14.98.

19. Or really splurge and buy an incredible craft station for storing ALL the craft supplies.

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