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27 Geeky Items You Never Knew You Needed For Your Kitchen

Make it so.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

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1. This Enterprise pizza cutter that is the only logical thing you should use.

2. This d20 ice mold that will make your drinks a critical hit.

3. These Death Star measuring cups that you should definitely keep away from Alderaan.

4. These Harry Potter granite coasters to keep your mugs from marking up the common room tables.

5. This Tetris sandwich cutter to really add to those block parties.

6. This X-Wing knife block so that they can all stay on target.

7. This Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver peeler that any Time Lord would appreciate.

8. These Ctrl Alt Del cups that help you take command of your life.

9. This Breaking Bad spoon rest that will help you cook.

10. This Game of Thrones egg canister to keep your unhatched cookies in.

11. This Pixar slow cooker that also keeps your fond memories warm.

12. These Minecraft cookie cutters that help you craft your tools.

13. This Mario pipe mug that will warp your sense of taste.

14. These Star Trek uniform aprons that would make Starfleet proud.

15. This Deadpool glass cutting board to get things really cooking.

16. This sword tea-infuser, for flavor that cuts to the chase.

17. These computer icon whiskey stones that are quite iconic.

18. These Game of Thrones wine charms, so you can drink and know...which drink is yours.

19. This superwomen half apron so you can be a souper-hero.

20. These pixel hand oven mitts so you safely click and drag your food around.

21. This Minecraft bottle opener that can be used by miners and minors alike.

22. This Marauder's Map mug that reveals itself when heated.

23. This 8-bit Mario cutting board so you can cut up all your mushrooms.

24. This starship Enterprise spatula so you can boldly flip like no one has flipped before.

25. These Game Boy fridge magnets that you can draw on.

26. This Portal Companion Cube mug that you should keep with you at all times.

27. And this ceramic bowl that can help you control your appetite.

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