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35 Snack Combinations That Sound Extremely Questionable

*hesitantly munches away*

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite bizarre snack combinations. Here are the strangely delicious results.

1. Pickles and peanut butter

2. Popcorn, grapes, Cheez-Its, and French onion dip

"I mix popcorn, grapes, Cheez-Its, and French onion dip together. It’s the most delicious, disgusting snack mix."

—Submitted by Nicholas DW Sharp

3. Cheese puffs and ketchup

—Submitted by likeasunburn

4. Doritos and sour cream

5. Breakfast corndogs and mayo

"THIS SOUNDS SO GROSS BUT JUST HEAR ME OUT. Those breakfast corndogs that are sausages with pancake batter, dipped in mayo. I KNOW, IT SOUNDS DISGUSTING AND I SIDE-EYE MYSELF ALL THE TIME BUT IT IS SO GOOD."

—Submitted by l4cc479c84

6. Nutella and cheese

"Nutella on a small slice of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese. Not even kidding."

—Submitted by brenlark

7. Pretzels and Fruit Roll-Ups

8. Puffy cheese doodles with ranch dressing

"Puffy cheese doodles with ranch dressing. My friend and I discovered this combo years ago during a vacation at Lake George, NY. Every time I eat them I think of a wonderful summer vacation!!!"

—Submitted by mariap42d43e180

9. Feta cheese and Takis

"Okay, I know this sounds weird, but feta cheese + Takis = Bomb dot com."

—Submitted by elizabethconkey19

10. Twizzlers and nacho cheese

11. French fries + honey

12. Jalapeño Kettle Chips and whipped cream cheese

—Submitted by Bluflmngo1

13. Rice Krispies Treats with ketchup

"Rice Krispies Treats with ketchup on top! Perfect mix of salty and sweet!"

—Submitted by laurak457f612c7

14. Popcorn and hot sauce

15. Tostitos Scoops and peanut butter

"I love Tostitos Scoops and peanut butter. A snack born out of true desperation is now my fave."

—Submitted by saraw4e37c3e0d

16. Blueberry Pop-Tarts and chocolate pudding

"Chocolate pudding and blueberry Pop-Tarts! The chocolate pudding has to be cold though, and then you break off pieces of the Pop-Tart and dip it in. This combination singlehandedly got me through freshman year."

—Submitted by Sierr27

17. Cheez-Its and Nutella

18. Funyun and Snickers

"Eat a Funyun, and then eat a bite of Snickers."

—Submitted by tinag432334177

19. Goldfish and soy sauce

"Weird but very delicious!"

—Submitted by allisonsamanthah

20. Lay's/Doritos and cottage cheese

21. Popcorn and lemon juice

"Microwave popcorn and lemon juice. It sounds gross but it’s so, so good!!"

—Submitted by sophian4dd3e65de

22. Sugar cookies and nacho cheese

"Sugar cookies (chocolate chip works too) and that liquid nacho cheese. My god! So weird but so good."

—Submitted by dylana46c4585fd

23. Doritos and melted pepper jack cheese

24. Banana and mayo sandwich

25. Cheetos dipped in pickle juice

"When I was pregnant I dipped my Cheetos in pickle juice. I still do it three years later."

—Submitted by logans45cc5fb85

26. Goldfish and Hot Cheetos

"Mixing Goldfish and Hot Cheetos for Flaming Hot Goldfish is heaven."

—Submitted by amyk4c08dcb73

27. Strawberries dipped in BBQ sauce

"When I was in elementary school I discovered strawberries in barbecue sauce and my life has never been the same."

—Submitted by lexis4a3bf843b

28. Pretzels dipped in applesauce

29. Cheetos and mustard

"Regular Cheetos with a line of mustard on top. It was my mom’s pregnancy craving when she was pregnant with me. Oh my god, it's like heaven!"

—Submitted by madistanfield

30. Cheese and A1 sauce

"Cheese and A1 sauce. #NoRegrets."

—Submitted by hollies40dbd8471

31. Hot Cheetos and tuna

32. Cheetos and Fritos bean dip

33. Cherry tomatoes and chocolate pudding

"I absolutely love eating cherry tomatoes with chocolate pudding. It was an accident at a salad bar that made me discover this delicious combination (I really shouldn’t have put my salad and my dessert on the same plate!) but I’m glad it happened. It’s sweet with a little pop of tartness."

—Submitted by jessb460249477

34. Chocolate chip cookies dipped in ranch dressing.

"Guilty pleasure I shamefully indulge in a few times a year: chocolate chip cookies dipped in ranch. God bless Sunday School snack mishaps."

—Submitted by Sara Meade, Facebook

35. Pringles with ice cream

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