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17 Gifts For Everyone Who Loves Carbs More Than People

Carbs > Everything.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. These "Snacks" and "Burrito" rings, because you'd rather be married to food, tbh.

bando / Via, bando / Via

Price: $58 each.

Buy 'em here and here, respectively.

2. These heated bread-shaped hand warmers and pillow, which charge via USB, so you can take bread with you everywhere.

Modcloth / Via, Modcloth / Via

Price: $39.99 for the hand warmers and $44.99 for the pillow.

Get 'em here and here, respectively.

3. A comfy muscle tee that shows who really has your heart.

Everfitte / Via

Price: $26.

Snag it here.

4. This incredible yoga mat because pizza is way better than yoga anyways.

Bando / Via

Price: $32.

Buy it here.

5. This royal potato enamel pin that says who you really are.

SabreToothDream / Via

Price: $9.

Snag it here.

6. An adorable and very geo fries phone case.

CurlyFriesYeah / Via

Price: $12.52

Get it here.

7. A phone case to prove that rice = life.


Price: $15.99.

Snag it here.

8. A heart-shaped serving spoon for shoveling more carbs into your mouth, with love.

Modcloth / Via

Price: $9.99.

Buy it here.

9. An enamel pin that shows how important spaghetti is to your life.

SweetAndLovely / Via

Price: $13.

Snag it here.

10. A pillow that combines your two favorite things: butts and pizza.

TheShedOutlet / Via

Price: $11.28.

Buy it here.

11. These stunning gold-plated fries-and-hamburger earrings.

Bando / Via

Price: $30.

Purchase them here.

12. A fresh-baked bread candle that'll have your apartment smelling like a bakery in no time.

BoonzyArtsCandles / Via

Price: $15.

Snag it here.

13. Like your bread a little sweeter? Then try these waffle- and doughnut-scented candles.

Modcloth / Via, Modcloth / Via

Price: $19.99 each.

Buy them here and here, respectively.

14. These amazing socks with all your favorite foods.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Price: $8.50.

Snag 'em here.

15. This perfect cross stitch mantra wall hanging to put in your kitchen.

TheNerdyOctopus / Via

Price: $29.95.

Pick it up right here.

16. These corn dog enamel pins, because who doesn't eat their feelings?

SabreToothDream / Via

Price: $9 each.

Buy 'em here.

17. This eco-friendly tote with an essential message.

Bando / Via

Price: $20.

Snag it here.

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