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Donald Trump’s Playbook Couldn’t Save Roy Moore

Engulfed by scandal, the Alabama Republican tried to replicate the strategy that made Trump president after the Access Hollywood tape. He came up short.

Tarini Parti One year ago

Trump's Race-Baiting Tweets Are Candy For His Base

"He’s got his finger on the pulse of American voters."

Adrian Carrasquillo One year ago

Could Trump Become A Lame-Duck President After Only One Year?

He needs a win badly. Instead, December could leave him with another missed agenda item, a deteriorated Senate majority, and a shuttered government.

Adrian Carrasquillo One year ago

Latino Leader Who Has Had Turbulent Relationship With Trump May Be Ousted From Major Hispanic Group

The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce board could oust President Javier Palomarez over alleged financial impropriety, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Adrian Carrasquillo One year ago

Latino Victory Fund: We'll Double Down On Controversial Ad Strategy After Virginia Win

Even before Ralph Northam's victory, Latino Victory Fund was telling people its polarizing ad was part of a strategy it would further embrace to defend the Hispanic community from what it sees as Republican attacks.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Chef José Andrés And The Trump Administration Are Fighting Over Puerto Rico

FEMA says Andrés is no longer working with them on the island because he's a "businessman" who wanted a contract through 2017. Andrés said anyone who says he was just trying to make a buck "should be ashamed of themselves."

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

John Kelly Is No Longer Untouchable

“Everyone needs to accept that he is who he is — he is going to be used as a weapon, so don’t be distracted by what he used to have on his lapel.”

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Donald Trump Would Like You To Please Turn Your Attention To Hillary Clinton

Republicans are so far on board with the White House’s messaging strategy after the Russia probe brought charges against three Trump associates. But they know things could get much worse.

Tarini Parti 2 years ago

Trump Is Driving A Dramatic Split Between DREAMer Activists

Activists are divided between pushing for clean DREAM legislation and trying to compromise with Trump, and are staring at each other across tactical lines.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago
Vera Bergengruen 2 years ago

The Trump (Alternate) Reality Show

Trump’s view of the world isn’t always rooted in reality, which includes feuds with members of Congress and the NFL, immigration principles that are going nowhere, and fears that erratic tweets could lead to war with North Korea.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Here’s What The Trump Administration Wants In Exchange For Protecting DREAMers

The White House demanded hardline changes to the immigration system Sunday night, including border wall funding, in exchange for legislation that would protect young immigrants from deportation.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Bipartisan Latino Leaders Are Projecting DACA Unity, But Were Fighting In Private

A group of progressive and conservative Latino leaders came together to put the onus on Congress to come up with a DACA solution. But they disagree in private on what broad parameters to back for a compromise.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Trump Feels His Trip To Puerto Rico Went Great. But What Happens Next Will Define Him.

President Trump surveyed the island's damage via helicopter and spoke to friendly residents. But the federal response will be measured by how the island ultimately recovers, not photo ops.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Surrounded By Crises, Trump Relies On Twitter, Cable News — And Instinct

The president, dealing with emergencies abroad and at home, is getting information in unorthodox ways, and responding with little filter.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Tom Price Wanted To Reopen His Department's Executive Dining Room, Sources Say

The executive dining room was used as an event and meeting space during the Obama years.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Puerto Ricans Worry: Which Trump Will Show Up For The Devastated Island?

Trump likes to deliver the resources of the federal government during disasters, waiving FEMA cost-sharing Tuesday, but he's shown signs of a "territory mindset" that concerns island advocates.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

With Power Out And Cell Service Down, Puerto Ricans Work To Connect Each Other In Maria's Wake

"Nobody could find their relatives — but more than food and water, what people craved the most was for that little rectangle to work."

Adolfo Flores 2 years ago
Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

Latino Republicans Say They Aren't Getting Their Calls Returned By The White House

Hispanic conservatives are frustrated and blaming a White House official. But the official's allies say she's understaffed and getting things done.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago