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An Anti-Abortion Doctor Has Lost His Medical Licence After More Than A Decade Of Complaints

Roland von Marburg has been suspended from practising as a doctor for eight years.

Gina Rushton • 2 days ago

Lots Of Teens Are Having Sex, But More Responsibly Than You'd Think

About half of 17-year-olds in Australia have had sex, researchers say.

Gina Rushton • 8 days ago

There Was A Mass Shooting In Australia. The Alleged Gunman Used An Illegal Firearm

“They were the weapons of choice in mass killings… that is why Australia prohibited them.”

Gina Rushton • 14 days ago

This Catholic Schoolgirl Made An Abortion Rights March Event And It Blew Up To Thousands Of People

Her Facebook event has gone from a few hundred people to more than 10,000 in a few weeks.

Gina Rushton • 15 days ago

This Is What It's Like To Walk Into An Abortion Clinic During Lent

The clinic provided personal body cameras to staff after picketers followed two staff members to their cars during Lent last year.

Gina Rushton • 19 days ago

This Sex Worker Who Was Sexually Assaulted Didn’t Think She Would Be Believed. Now Her Client Is Going To Jail

Exclusive: Nikki Cox hopes the man who assaulted her now understands what the word “no” means.

Gina Rushton • 20 days ago
Gina Rushton • 23 days ago

Here's What Australia's Election Result Means For Reproductive Rights

"Tasmanian women will feel this disappointment most."

Gina Rushton • 26 days ago

Young Australians Still Have Some Worrying Ideas About Consent And Control

“I knew it wasn’t OK but he didn’t see the big deal,” she said.

Gina Rushton • 28 days ago

The Coalition Looks Set To Form Government

Star psephologist Antony Green has called it.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

People Are Celebrating Tony Abbott's Loss

"Toney losing is the only good part of this night!"

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Australians Who Wrote To Bob Hawke As Kids Are Sharing The Letters He Sent Back

"Bob Hawke came to my primary school and bought us all ice creams."

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Labor Has Promised Public Access To Abortion. Here Are The Challenges Doctors See In Making That A Reality

Doctors have welcomed the commitment but reckon it will be a big job rolling it out.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

We Might Be Getting A National Abortion Hotline. This State Is Successfully Running Its Own

This phone line has received more than 5,000 calls since it launched a year ago.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

I Regret To Inform You That "Deep Kissing" Can Increase Your Risk Of Catching Gonorrhoea

If confirmed by other studies, researchers said this could open up new preventative options for throat gonorrhoea such as antibacterial mouthwash.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

We Spoke To People Who Can’t Vote On May 18 But Who Wish They Could

“There is a whole body of young people who would be willing to vote for better climate policy but we literally can’t.”

Gina Rushton • One month ago
Gina Rushton • One month ago

This Candidate Who "Loves Being A Bloody Woman" Says The Daily Tele Gave Her "Free Publicity"

"It is not just a put down of me," she said. "It is a put down of the Women's Party and the Women's Party is not about me, it is about women."

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Doctors, Lawyers And Nurses Just Launched A Push To Decriminalise Abortion In New South Wales

A year after safe-access zones outside abortion clinics were introduced, a big campaign to decriminalise the procedure is underway.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

The PM Refuses To Talk Abortion Access As It Doesn't "Unite Australians". He's Wrong, According To This Data

Hundreds of thousands of Australian voters were asked about abortion and 70.5% said they believe access to services should improve.

Gina Rushton • One month ago