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What Actually Happens When You Decriminalise Abortion?

These states have all decriminalised abortion but what does that mean for women with unplanned pregnancies?

Gina Rushton • 13 days ago

Women Who Have Had Abortions Are Using #ArrestUs To Argue For Decriminalisation

The campaign began the day before abortion decriminalisation legislation is to be debated.

Gina Rushton • 15 days ago

Women In The Liberal Party Support Abortion Decriminalisation Too

"We’re unified in our support of the notion of individual liberty and choice."

Gina Rushton • 19 days ago

The Bill To Decriminalise Abortion In New South Wales Was Just Introduced To Parliament

MP Alex Greenwich told the parliament he was fighting for decriminalisation on behalf of his late grandmother, who taught him the value of reproductive rights.

Gina Rushton • 20 days ago

We Asked Women Why They Were Protesting For Abortion Rights Outside Parliament

Women of all ages gathered outside New South Wales parliament house to rally for the decriminalisation of abortion.

Gina Rushton • 21 days ago

This Woman Advertised Her Illegal Abortion In A 1970s Newspaper. She's Been Fighting For Change Ever Since

Decades after she placed an advertisement baiting police to arrest her for an illegal abortion, Wendy McCarthy could see abortion decriminalised.

Gina Rushton • 22 days ago

This 119-Year-Old Law That Makes Abortion A Crime Could Be Gone Within A Few Weeks

“It’s hard to think of any other healthcare issue that we treat in the same way as we did back in 1901."

Gina Rushton • 24 days ago

Abortion Picketers Trying To Overturn Safe-Access Zones May Take The Fight To The United Nations

A High Court ruled against two anti-abortion protesters, but a Christian lobby group is "exploring" whether to take their case to the United Nations.

Gina Rushton • 27 days ago

A Rugby Player Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting An 18-Year-Old Woman At A Party

Police allege the Canterbury Cup player assaulted a woman at a house party in Sydney's northwest.

Gina Rushton • 28 days ago

A Chiropractor Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Patient During Treatment

Police raided the clinic and charged the man with 16 sex-related offences on Friday morning.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

“It Makes Us Sound Like We’re Monsters”: What Having A Second-Trimester Abortion Actually Involves

Emily did not expect to be going into an induced labour at 19 weeks for a wanted pregnancy.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Menstrual Cups Are Safe, Environmentally Friendly And Cheap, Researchers Say

A study using data from 3,300 women and girls suggests moon cups are safe and result in similar, or lower, amounts of leakage than disposable pads or tampons.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

We Asked Young People Why They're Dropping Their Health Insurance

"I'm scratching my head wondering why I kept paying for it."

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Indigenous Babies Are More Likely To Be Born Premature. These Researchers Say They Have The Solution

“For a very long time Indigenous women have said ‘We want to be born on our country with our family around us and we believe this can be done safely’.”

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Women In Regional Australia Now Face A 500 Kilometre Round Trip For An Abortion

Women in regional New South Wales were driving 130km to Victoria to terminate a pregnancy. They'll now travel double that to Canberra.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

The IVF Industry Is A "Secret Society" That Should Release Data On Success Rates, Politician Says

But the head of the industry's peak body says creating a "league table" of IVF clinics will deter doctors from taking on complicated fertility cases.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

These Women Who Identify As Pro-Choice Have Complicated Feelings About Their Abortions

“It has taken me a long time to let myself feel sad.”

Gina Rushton • One month ago

‘‘He Stomped On My Stomach”: This Is What It’s Like When Violence And Coercion Are Involved In An Abortion

Reproductive coercion is when someone prevents you from making decisions about your reproductive health.

Gina Rushton • One month ago

Many Women Who Have Abortions Are Already Mothers. Here Are Their Stories

“I knew that to be the kind of parent that my two kids needed I couldn’t have any more kids.”

Gina Rushton • 2 months ago

An Anti-Abortion Doctor Has Lost His Medical Licence After More Than A Decade Of Complaints

Roland von Marburg has been suspended from practising as a doctor for eight years.

Gina Rushton • 2 months ago