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Deval Patrick Is Telling Top Democrats He Will Run For President

The former governor said last year he wouldn't run. He's now saying he has changed his mind.

Darren Sands 10 hours ago

The Black MAGA Faithful Think Donald Trump Tailored His 2020 Pitch To Black Men, And They’re Kind Of Feeling It

“What do you prefer,” Trump asked a mostly black audience at a campaign event, “'Blacks for Trump' or 'African Americans for Trump'?”

Darren Sands 5 days ago

Ayanna Pressley Broke With "The Squad" To Endorse Elizabeth Warren For President

“I’m proud to call her my senator. I can’t wait to call her our president," Pressley said in a video.

Darren Sands 7 days ago

The Democratic Mississippi Attorney General Candidate Said She’s "Not Quite Sure" What Bible Pro-Trump Evangelicals Are Reading

In a wide-ranging interview with BuzzFeed News, Jennifer Riley Collins opened up about her faith, her race for attorney general, and what 2020 Democrats must do.

Darren Sands 9 days ago

Ayanna Pressley Has Endorsed In The Crowded House Race To Replace Joe Kennedy III

“Our country is at a crossroads,” said Pressley, who is endorsing against a House Democratic colleague.

Darren Sands 15 days ago

Elijah Cummings’ Funeral Celebrated His Legacy In Defiance Of Trump

None of the speakers at Cummings’ service mentioned Trump by name, but the president’s attacks on him loomed large over the event.

Darren Sands 19 days ago

Cory Booker Had Another Impressive Debate And It May Not Matter

Cory Booker’s emotional debate calls for unity just haven’t gotten his very campaign far.

Darren Sands 29 days ago

"I'm Being Vindicated": Rep. Al Green Was The First Member Of Congress To Back Impeachment

“I felt compelled because for me it was about more than making a speech. It was about taking a stand,” Green told BuzzFeed News in an interview Tuesday.

Darren Sands One month ago

Is Being Nice Enough To Beat Lindsey Graham? Jaime Harrison Plans To Try.

In an era of hyperpartisanship, Harrison is embracing a nice-guy, servant-leader’s approach to try to unseat Graham, one of Donald Trump’s top allies.

Darren Sands One month ago

Why Isn't Cory Booker's Campaign Taking Off?

Booker is waging the civil rights movement's last battle — to unite a racially divided country on the verge of disaster — against Donald Trump. Will enough people listen to make him the nominee?

Darren Sands 2 months ago

Jon Ossoff Is Seriously Considering A Run For Senate In Georgia

The Georgia Democrat, who launched and lost an insurgent campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, is considering a statewide run, sources told BuzzFeed News.

Darren Sands 2 months ago

Massachusetts Democrats Might Have A Nasty Primary Fight Ahead. What’s Ayanna Pressley Going To Do?

With Joe Kennedy III potentially challenging Ed Markey, what one-quarter of “the Squad” does next could be a big political move.

Darren Sands 2 months ago

Cory Booker: White Supremacy Is Fueled By A “Dangerous Tolerance”

In a searing speech at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine black parishioners were shot and killed in 2015, Booker called white supremacy “an issue of national security.”

Darren Sands 3 months ago

Cory Booker And Kamala Harris Are Trying To Pull Obama’s Legacy Away From Joe Biden

“People feel good about all three of them, and they all have very compelling cases to make. The question is, Who do they believe is the most effective baton carrier?”

Darren Sands 3 months ago

Mayor Pete Has A Plan To Address Systemic Inequality For Black Americans. He Was Barely Able To Talk About It In The Debate.

Black Americans looking for a robust conversation about race in America got something that felt more predictable given the lack of racial diversity in the first CNN debate.

Darren Sands 3 months ago

Inspired By “The Squad,” A Young, Progressive Minister Will Challenge Rep. Donald Payne Jr.

"People want to know who’s going to go to bat and fight for us," said Stephen Green, a 27-year-old former NAACP official who plans to challenge Payne Jr.

Darren Sands 3 months ago

“Black Folks Are Tired”: A Black Labor Movement Is Colliding With The 2020 Presidential Race

Four Democratic candidates talked about how to address economic problems specific to black Americans at a forum hosted by the Black Economic Alliance. What happened outside is changing the presidential race.

Darren Sands 5 months ago

In His First Presidential Campaign, Joe Biden Told Black Voters To “Reject” Jesse Jackson

“You must reject the voices in this movement who tell black Americans to go it alone.”

Henry J. Gomez 5 months ago

Jesse Jackson Is Pushing This Democrat In The Campaign Against Lindsey Graham

The endorsement links two generations of political leaders from different parts of the Palmetto State.

Darren Sands 5 months ago

Kirsten Gillibrand Said Fox News “Has To Be Responsible For Truth And Fact” After Her Viral Moment

“We can lift up our base, the people who want desperately to be heard in this election, but we can also reach across the aisle and find red and purple voters who desperately want to be heard too,” Kirsten Gillibrand told BuzzFeed News.

Darren Sands 5 months ago