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Rupert Murdoch Is Fighting To Keep His Fraying Empire Behind Trump And Boris Johnson

The possibility of Murdoch changing direction remains a liberal fantasy, but he is navigating deep political divides inside his own empire.

Joseph Bernstein • 2 hours ago

Jennifer Arcuri Was Paid "Low Five-Figures" For Her ITV Interview

ITV's Good Morning Britain paid between £10,000–20,000 for the interview with the model turned tech entrepreneur, according to a source.

Mark Di Stefano • 7 days ago
Mark Di Stefano • 10 days ago

Elon Musk Hired A Convicted Felon To Investigate The Cave Rescuer Who Is Now Suing Him

The Tesla CEO paid James Howard-Higgins more than $50,000 to look into a man he thought was a pedophile. Musk, however, failed to examine Howard-Higgins’ past.

Ryan Mac • 11 days ago
Alex Wickham • 12 days ago

The Brexit Campaign's Biggest Donor Has Been Cleared Of Electoral Crimes

The National Crime Agency said it hadn't found any evidence that businessman Arron Banks wasn't the true source of donations around the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Mark Di Stefano • 20 days ago

The Latest Political Controversy Around Boris Johnson Has A Long Social Media Trail

The relationship friends jokingly called "BoJen" is now under the spotlight.

Mark Di Stefano • 21 days ago

Boris Johnson Told The Father Of A Sick Child There Was “No Press” At A Press Opportunity Arranged By Downing Street

Video of the man confronting the prime minister about turning the hospital into a “press opportunity” went viral on Wednesday.

Mark Di Stefano • 26 days ago

Guardian Editor Kath Viner Sent A Personal Text To David Cameron Apologising For An Editorial About The Death Of His Son

The editorial used the death of 6-year-old Ivan Cameron in 2009 to attack the former prime minister’s “privilege”.

Mark Di Stefano • 28 days ago
Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

A Top Facebook Executive Is Stepping Down After A Decade At The Company

Richard Allan has been a lobbyist and spokesperson for Facebook since 2009.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

BBC Veteran John Humphrys Will Spend His Last Shift On Radio 4's Today Programme Interviewing David Cameron

The broadcaster will bow out grilling the former prime minister who called the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

British Journalists Will Try "Chlorinated Chicken" On A Press Tour Of American Farms Paid For By The US Government

The US government wants to influence the way British media portrays American meat products, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

All The Ways Brexit Could Go Now, Explained For People Who Are Confused

We’re in the endgame now. Or maybe we’re not.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The Brexit Crystal Ball, Explained For People Who Want To Know What The Hell Is Going On

Everything you need to know about the latest circle of political hell.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Jacob Rees-Mogg Stretched Out In Parliament For The Brexit Debate And Now It’s A Massive Meme

Opposition politicians yelled at the Leader of Commons to “Sit up man!”

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

The Brexit Chaos Is Coming To You: Here’s Six Things You Should Pay Attention To

Everything you need to know ahead of the Brexit endgame this week.

Alex Wickham • One month ago
Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Men Have Been Using Twitter And Pinterest To Post And Organise Creepy Screenshots Of Women Journalists

In response to questions from BuzzFeed News, Twitter said the accounts sexually objectified women “without their consent”, while Pinterest called them “gross” and apologised.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

YouTube Reinstated A Prominent European White Nationalist After He Appealed His Removal

The video platform said it was a "mistake" to remove the channels of Martin Sellner and another far-right personality known as "the Iconoclast," but wouldn't explain what happened.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago