Leaked Documents Show A Pro-Corbyn Website Pays Journalists As Little As £21 Per Article

The owners of Evolve Politics have a “pay-per-click” model with writers getting a fee of £10 plus a share of their article’s ad revenue.

Mark Di Stefano • 5 days ago

The Daily Mail Let Readers Download The New Zealand Mosque Attacker's Manifesto Directly From Its Website

Other British news outlets, the Sun and the Mirror, featured the attacker's first-person video, including in GIF form on their homepages.

Mark Di Stefano • 8 days ago

Here's What Emily Maitlis Was Writing As She Dropped That Thermonuclear Eye Roll

"I was crossing out all future dates and holiday plans."

Mark Di Stefano • 10 days ago

A Few Of The Times David Davis Dumped On Theresa May's Brexit Deal...Just Before He Voted For It

Including that time the former Brexit secretary said the deal needed a "stake" through its heart.

Mark Di Stefano • 10 days ago

Britain's Future Stopped, Then Restarted Its Massive Facebook Ad Campaign Just Before A Key Brexit Vote

UPDATE: Following a BuzzFeed News investigation into Britain's biggest political advertising campaign on Facebook, Britain's Future recommenced targeted ads on Monday afternoon.

Mark Di Stefano • 12 days ago

A Mysterious Hard Brexit Group Run By A Young Tory Writer Is Now Britain’s Biggest Spending Political Campaign On Facebook

Tim Dawson is the only person publicly associated with Britain's Future. The group has spent almost £350,000 on Facebook since November, raising questions over the influence of "dark money" at a crucial point in the Brexit process.

Alex Spence • 14 days ago

The Comments In This Left-Wing Media Facebook Group Are Being Described As “A Cesspit Of Anti-Jewish Hatred”

One top Jewish Labour activist compared comments in the Facebook group to anti-Semitic abuse yelled in 1930s beer halls.

Mark Di Stefano • 24 days ago

A Former Vogue Editor's Instagram-Based News Startup Is Being Backed By The Guardian

Emily Sheffield told potential reporters and editors she had the backing of the Guardian's £42 million venture capital fund.

Mark Di Stefano • 24 days ago

Tommy Robinson Has Been Banned From Facebook And Instagram For Targeting Muslims

The former English Defence League founder's pages were shut down by Facebook on Tuesday.

Mark Di Stefano • 25 days ago

Another Labour MP Has Quit Over Claims About Anti-Semitism In The Party

Ian Austin becomes the ninth Labour MP to walk out on the party this week.

Mark Di Stefano • 29 days ago

The Economist's Editor Says There Aren't Enough Black People Working At The Magazine

The prestigious British political magazine revealed that 0.9% of its staff are black.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Why Does The BBC Keep Losing Its Top Male Presenters?

In just eight months, Andrew Neil, John Humphrys, David Dimbleby, and Eddie Mair have all stepped down.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Journalists Have Been Banned From A Powerful Database That Lets You Search People's Phone Numbers And Addresses

Until now, Trace IQ let journalists search names, phone numbers and addresses in one database – now they've been banned, but other groups, such as debt collectors, haven't.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Pro-Trump Activists Are Boosting A Twitter App Used By Banned Personalities And It Appears To Have Already Stalled

“Twitter was successful because of conservatives. Because of Donald Trump tweeting. Because of people like me and Charlie (Kirk) tweeting.”

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

The Founder Of Nigel Farage's New Brexit Party Has A History Of Anti-Muslim Comments

“If these people really dislike it so much in the West, why do they chose [sic] to live here?”

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Candace Owens: "If Hitler Just Wanted To Make Germany Great And Have Things Run Well, OK, Fine."

Owens' comments came during the invite-only London launch of a pro-Trump activist group.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Days After Its Disastrous British Launch, Turning Point Has Already Lost One Of Its Star Recruits

“There was a sense of people realising, 'Who are these cranks?'”

Alex Spence • One month ago

A Leaked Memo Says Chinese State TV Registered As A Foreign Agent "In The Spirit Of Cooperation"

"It's already hard describing who we work for," one CGTN source said. "This makes it even more complicated and uncomfortable when talking to anyone on the outside."

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

The Telegraph Apologised For A Story About Melania Trump. Now The Journalist Who Wrote It Is Threatening To Sue.

US journalist Nina Burleigh claims The Daily Telegraph's apology has turned her into an "international poster girl for fake news".

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago
Mark Di Stefano • One month ago