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June 1, 2016

The Democratic Senate candidate has often said she is the first member of her family to go to college. But commencement records and her brother's Facebook page show he enrolled and graduated before her.

No, Dumbledore is not one of the options.

Adolescente de 16 anos foi incluída em programa de proteção a ameaçados de morte

She's turning 10 years older next month, so don't expect her to be any less tyrannical.

"Lululemon has lost its way," Chip Wilson said today, as his two-year agreement to keep quiet expired.

O que era apenas uma piada nas redes sociais virou um produto de verdade.

Uno es lo que buscas y los otros tienen guisados, escoge con sabiduría.

Ahead of Season 7, Remember Why the PLL's are Your Friendship Goals

How well do you know your ~shit~?

Who spent the most time in Stars Hollow?

Você cuidava mais dele do que de si mesmo.

Você pode trocar o velho "Olha a cobra! É mentira!" por alguma dessas frases.

It might be the largest single investment in the history of startups, but it's still only about 4 days worth of Saudi oil exports.

A bill to change the national anthem just won its first vote in the House of Commons by a landslide.

If two super hot millionaires can't make it work, is there any hope for the rest of us?

What is going on?

Alex Haley’s blockbuster book and miniseries came under fire for taking liberties with history, a legacy the new remake subtly confronts while taking a few liberties of its own.

Afirmar que é biscoito ou bolacha é opinião, agora dizer que gay é anormal é só homofobia mesmo.

Todas las fotos son de perros rescatados. ❤

"Your 'nappy' hair and dark skin are not negatives, and in time you will feel like a goddess because of them."

The reason why the mute News Feed button exists.

"Mushrooms should only be consumed by Mario."

Imagens exclusivas do BuzzFeed Brasil mostra momento em que manifestante é agredida por PM quando estava no chão.

え? ウソでしょ?

¿O se te olvidó todo lo que aprendiste en el colegio?

These roses are the key to your belly.

New photos that show actress Amber Heard with a busted lip and bruising were purportedly taken after an alleged 2015 altercation with Johnny Depp.


Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Tamagotchi, Giga Pet, or Nano Pet?


Sometimes things fall apart.

Six years after opening its first salon, the chain is on track to do $100 million in sales this year. Here's how it got there.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Microsoft have all signed a European Union pledge to combat racism and xenophobia on their platforms. For some, their decision to do so raises the specter of outsourced censorship.

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Thiel’s plan to destroy Gawker via a lawsuit is “independent” of his role at Facebook, the company's COO said today.

A Força realmente está com esse cara.

Ele vai ficar muito sarado de tanto remar. Contém spoilers da sexta temporada.

Parts of the city were destroyed by wildfires on May 3.

Boa sorte ao tentar achar uma peça de roupa que não esteja coberta de pelos de gato.

Porque você realmente queria, não é?

Bom demais para ser trouxa.

"Um monte" de leggings pretas? Você deve estar brincando.


Lá no fundo, todos nós não somos apenas lagartos gigantes argentinos com fome?

"É apenas tinta, e o rosto pode virar uma tela"

Basicamente, eles são como a gente só que bem mais fofinhos.

Good luck getting Question 10 right.

Oh Ann, the beautiful compilation of emojis

Las autoridades hicieron el hallazgo mientras sacaban 52 tigres vivos de la famosa atracción turística. Advertencia: este artículo contiene imágenes que pueden resultar perturbadoras para algunos.

Vocabulary. Grammar. And everything else you love about language — all in one newsletter!

Aunt Marge actually inflated.

Former cop Nouman Raja is facing life in prison if convicted.

"My name is Pierre and I'm from France."

The best new pop, rock, country, and rap for June, in no particular order.

Give those old duds new life.

Descubre las maneras más sabrosas de comer papas a la francesa.

Are you gross?


Spoiler: Zombie makeup requires K-Y Jelly.

Proof that Bruce and I should be them for Halloween.

Oh yeah, and he still got his best finishing time ever.

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The Alabama middle school teacher who allegedly handed out the quiz has been placed on administrative leave.

Quanta falta de educação!!!

"The fact of the matter is most of us in the family that continue to work closely in the movement that my father began strongly support the candidacy of Hillary," Paul F. Chavez, president of the Cesar Chavez foundation, told BuzzFeed News.

"We're just talking about love. L-U-V."

El peatón, el oficial de policía, el trotador, el nadador y el surfista son todos personajes femeninos en los nuevos emoji de Facebook Messenger. También está agregándo la capacidad de establecer los tonos de piel.

A tales as old as emojis.

The images were found inside of a bag that had been donated to the Salvation Army.

The father arranged for the wedding to happen believing that a man must marry a woman he gets pregnant.

Jetzt wird's ernst.

Buena suerte para encontrar ropa que no tenga pelos de gato.

Six guys are checking you out. One of them is a fuckboy. Choose wisely.


Do you have a second to talk about the Church of Fandom?

It's basically a scene from the film Amusement, people. Not real!

Você sabe muito bem quem são estas pessoas!

Qué tiempos aquellos.

En los momentos de estrés, todos nos volvemos trogloditas.

Tudo depende de quantas vezes seus pais se casaram.

Which of these characters from the same actor is best?

Muy en el fondo, ¿no somos todos solamente lagartijas argentinas gigantes hambrientas?

Get ready to saannnnnnggggg!

A thoroughly scientific approach to the most intriguing question of our lifetime.

Refreshing AF.

The 20-episode Showtime series will air over two years and production will begin in 2017.

Prepara la cartera...

Pedestrian, police officer, jogger, swimmer, and surfer emojis are all female in Facebook Messenger's new emoji set. It's also adding the ability to set skin tones.

Nice try!

A veces se te "olvida" que no era día de lavarte el cabello.

Here comes the beads. Here comes the beads.

“We were horrified when we read these messages," a spokesperson for the company told BuzzFeed News.

The teacher claims the student's parents knew and were "supportive and excited about the baby," according to court documents.

"I have watched this video over again, and with the silverback's posturing, and tight lips, it's pretty much the stuff of any keeper's nightmares."

The suspected gunman who killed William Klug and then himself also had a second UCLA professor on his so-called "kill list" who was unharmed.

"I'm not so sure Donald knows what he's not good at."

Let this be a lesson.

You need these now

Do not try this on your own.

He didn't mace his stepdad. He doesn't even have a stepdad. But he's sorry, Gary.


Its time to choose between your favorite recyclables.

"Um dia eu vou ser rico e escolher a opção 'ordenar por mais caro'".

Starr was removed as university president last week following an investigation into Baylor's handling of sexual assault complaints.

Juan Méndez, the UN's special rapporteur on torture, told BuzzFeed News that Bahrain "considers itself shielded" from international scrutiny because of its relationship with Britain.


La sangría es esencialmente vino + magia.

I went from rarely cooking to cooking every day, and you can too.

Shaped to fit you.

Celebrities: They’re just like us.

Clark was fatally shot by Minneapolis police in November 2015.

Chalo, let's do this.

It took 17 years to build a record-breaking tunnel through the Swiss Alps, but only one opening ceremony to weird everyone out.

Because not all of us made it to *cough* or could afford *cough* Coachella


A documentary special airing Wednesday on TLC provides a glimpse into Camp You Are You, a safe haven for many transgender children and their families.

Es como todos nosotros.

I could try to be better but that sounds like a lot of effort.

C'est l'heure de la douche!

Dein Handy = Dein BFF!

Prince Éric ou faux prince Éric?

Briton Richard Huckle pleaded guilty to 71 charges at the Old Bailey in London, making him one of the country's most prolific child abusers.

No, we don't use a measuring tape.


From above.

My mom does that too!

Tus padres no están tratando de arruinarte la vida.

Keine Sorge, wir haben diese ganzen kaputten Bilder für Dich repariert,

RNRing is not an option.

Sur une échelle de 3 à 76, Perceval aurait 115% à ce test.

Ele só queria comentar a festa da passagem da tocha olímpica por Caruaru (PE), mas quase não conseguiu.

The cutest family there is.

Maybe we should send them a sock?

Porque estabas deseándolo.

À. Chaque. Fois.

Aam nom nom.

The Baby Daddy star takes our Q&A!

She is the voice of reason.

It's frozen dessert season at last!

Primer / prepping spray not included.

"Students are not permitted to do farmer accents."

Pode ser mais simples do que você imagina.

All photos are of rescued strays. ❤

The actors are currently on stage as two dysfunctional roommates in The Spoils, written by Eisenberg and directed by Scott Elliot.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

You have absolutely no chill about your friendships, and that's OK.

Everyone on the road is a complete idiot, apart from you obviously.

Let the fun begin.

Fab or drab?

Emmener plus de livres que de vêtements dans ses valises.

How well do you know your tacos?

¿Puedes acertar 6 de 6?

The buck stops. HERE.

¿Estás listo para el maratón de este mes?

“Does every guy in here want to come and have sex with me because I’m on birth control” - said no woman ever.

"Started from the belly now I'm here."

A jury awarded Arnold Black millions of dollars after he sued East Cleveland police for beating and locking him in a closet without food or a bathroom for days.

Because Face Swapping is always funnier on celebrities

The Libertarian nominee hit back at Donald Trump on Tuesday for calling him a "fringe candidate."

Rhea Wolfson – a Jewish Scottish Labour activist – was backed by Momentum to replace Ken Livingstone on the committee.

Cela peut paraître étrange, mais une question agite la vie politique américaine depuis plusieurs mois: quelles toilettes les personnes trans peuvent-elles utiliser?

Spirits don't mess around.

We all need somebody to lean on.

It has come down to this.

Are you ready?

«Les quatre jeunes avaient des casiers vierges et n'ont jamais été en garde à vue», explique l'avocate à BuzzFeed News.

Cool pins, don't care.

Son deliciosas.

For better or worse, you might be more like Ron Weasley than you thought.

The 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library contains over 600 dishes from America's groovy and gross culinary past.

Just because you were born before the year 2000 doesn't make you a millennial. But these 22 signs do.

Wie viele Versuche brauchst Du?

«Ça m'a fait du bien», dit Brett Sanders à BuzzFeed News.

"I believe it is time for companies to step up and take action to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce."

Police said they had arrested three men in relation to attacks at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival.

Du shampoing sec? Non merci.

Schaffst Du es durch diesen Artikel ohne zu lachen?

Merci, Super Mario Bros!

The internet it a weird and wonderful place.


Du bisd so ä nervscher Gnusborgobb, gannste mir gloohm!

"Open your eyes now before you get hurt."

Don't worry — we fixed all those mildly annoying photos for you.

"I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed your performance in 'tripping over nothing and looking back to see what you tripped over.'"

They'll never know.

::bookmarks immediately::


No es quien tú crees.

Mostly, digging the new Akshaye Khanna.

Ils sont PARFAITS.

"Guys, I don’t think I’ve ever farted in front of you guys."

my laziest Buzzfeed to date :)

"Shauni ended up that mwi she nicked a toffee gun outta McDonalds."

He is 74 years old, can speak 11 languages, has the qualification to be an advanced engineer but is happiest while helping people.

"Our dog never played with any toys. Never played once. It just looked at us. Pitying expression."

Youll be shocked who are friends. (Or were)

We're all losers here, really.

This 8-year-old knows he wants to be the next CEO, and I'm 25 and don't know what to eat for lunch.

Trump will visit the UK on 24 June – the same day as the result of the EU referendum.

Food to hug (not eat).

Sssssh... que no nos enteremos todos los godos a la vez.

Get 100,000 points and you'll have achieved the top rank.

A closer look at Vote Leave's latest policy announcement.

He says we've taken LeBron James "for granted" and that everyone loves Steph Curry because "anyone who plays pickup basketball on the weekend can look like him."

¿Cuál de los dos machos ibéricos lo dijo?

"We’re all on team human here, and let’s be honest – it’s not an easy team to be on."

Spice usage is now three times higher than previously thought, a survey of prisoners has shown.

Du wirst gefeuert? Anus lecken. Auto geklaut? Anus lecken.

¿Mi máquina favorita del gimnasio? La de vending, que tiene chocolatinas.

How can one be this dedicated to their job?

Deep down, aren't all of us are just hungry giant Argentinian lizards?

Hay ligeras diferencias.

Renuka Chowdhury is a former union minister of women and child development.

"Nein, ich bin kein Rapper."

You're day will get better.

Featuring Diana Ross, Little Mix, and more!

♫ We can dance Nobby's dance, we can dance it in France... ♫

Forty dead tiger cubs were found in the freezer of a Thai temple. TV show "The Biggest Loser" is under investigation following a report that contestants were given drugs to aid weight loss. And a first look at the cast of the Harry Potter play in character.

Und Deine Sorgen verlassen Deine Wohnung durch die Moon Door.

Je fais ce que je veux, quand je veux.

1,4 million, ça fait combien de Rolex?

So wahr.

Apparently customers prefer to shop in peace and quiet.

Can you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

A whole lot of bodies.

¡Arriba las peras!

The BBC is out to get him, apparently.

Authorities removed all 137 live tigers from the famous tourist attraction and arrested five people. Thai authorities say they will press charges against the Buddhist temple. Warning: This post contains imagery some may find distressing.

"Das ist ein guter Tag. Denn ich habe heute einen Hund gesehen."

Life just becomes a long game of charades.

Il a déclaré que le sélectionneur français avait «cédé à la pression d'une partie raciste de la France». Nuance.

"I just want to go home and watch my shows." — Literally all of us

"In today’s world, education is important and so books are important."

Women in South Korea are furious after law enforcement dismissed the idea that a 23-year-old woman was stabbed to death due to misogyny.

Quand vous essayez de trouver le début du scotch.

In honor of her 90th birthday.

Everything you need to know.

Bonne chance pour trouver un vêtement qui n'est pas couvert de poils de chat.

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere.

For every Mumbaikar, everyone who's ever wanted to live here, and for those who had to leave Bombay.

The Greens are concerned a new Liberal website is being used to mine people's contact data.

Come on, you've always wondered.


Cheers love, the cavalry's here!

Das glaube ich nicht, Tim.


It's been a pretty surreal month.



This is pure gold.

It was elephant jerky.

My fragile heart can't take this.

Are you a Disney Princess expert?

Un post pas piqué des hannetons.

Kai Lightner défie les lois de la gravité depuis qu'il a 6 ans.

Car vous en rêviez, n'est-ce pas?

"Know thyself ... "

It seems that the key is to live anywhere other than Sydney.

And fear of Indian internet outrage has already made them issue a clarification.

Yeah, nah.


This is 100% accurate.

"I'm nauseous."

A Greens candidate is blaming Labor's negative campaigning in Melbourne for her office being graffitied.

A bullet hole in the shield tells the story of what really happened when Captain Cook landed in 1770.

A definitive ranking of the hottest Disney Channel Original Movie boys at the time of the film's release. It'll be pretty hard to build a better boy than these.

Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson wants Tasmania to adopt a policy already rolled out in Sydney.

Who can be the next MI6 agent?

A little bit of everything from the month of May

The presidential candidate's personal $1 million check to a charity was dated May 24, the same day he was interviewed by a reporter looking into the funds.


"Oh my goodness we're from Mosman, we're not a troublesome lot."

Because pink food just tastes better, and that's a fact.



More leading roles and less typecasting, please.

It's a new style.



Halal AF.

The answer may surprise you.

Is train yoga a thing now?

From blockbuster directors to ones behind earnest indie dramas, here's a list of famous and not-yet-famous names. It's hardly complete, but it's a place to start if you're interested in Asian-American talent behind the camera.

Why the US hasn't banned cosmetic animal testing.

Before they knew what they were eating, it was too late.

Emojis assemble!