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    This Politician Ate An Elephant And Says It Was "Delicious"

    It was elephant jerky.

    Robert Borsak, a NSW state MP, reminded everyone in parliament on Tuesday night that he had killed and eaten an elephant.

    "Animals do not have intrinsic human right," he told the upper house. "Humans have a right to eat meat if they choose to do so. It is as simple as that".

    Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham could be heard yelling across the parliament floor asking Borsak if he had eaten the elephants he had infamously posed next to in a series of photographs from 2010.

    "Yes", replied Borsak.

    Borsak told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday that the meat was "delicious, quite tasty", and eaten as biltong (jerky) while hunting.

    "It wasn't cooked, it was sun cured with salt and pepper, as you would a dry Jaegerwurst".

    "I eat all the game animals that I hunt", said Borsak, "primarily deer, rabbits, and any of the species that we may hunt from time to time for food."

    Borsak wasn't sure which cut of meat had been used to make the elephant jerky, but said it was "probably from the fillet or backstrap".

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    "I would recommend it [hunting and eating elephant], as part of the programs that help the indigenous owners of the tribal lands".

    Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham criticised Borsak for eating the elephant, saying it was "sick to shoot and kill and elephant for thrills", and that it was "revolting" Borsak would eat the elephant.

    Borsak has responded by saying Buckingham was "more than happy to eat [Borsak's] freshly-hunted venison sausages" at a charity event in 2013.