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    18 Cheap Ways To Make Your Old Clothes New Again

    Give those old duds new life.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Add flowers, a logo, or anything that's printed on fabric to a basic tee.

    All you need is Heat n Bond, which you can get at most craft stores. Here's the full tutorial.

    2. Or use iron-on hem tape to make a cutout lace shape in the back.

    You can do a moon, or a letter, or a flower, or whatever you want. Here's how.

    3. Trim last year's shorts with lace (or ~layers~ of lace).

    It uses a glue called Fabric Fusion. Learn how to do it here.

    4. Or turn them into preppy polka-dotted shorts with the help of a pencil eraser.

    And fabric paint, of course. Here's how.

    5. Shape an old scarf into a wrap that could have come from UO.

    6. Cut out the crotch of old leggings to make a crop top.

    Make those winter standbys into something new. Here's how.

    7. Turn an old tee into a midi skirt using some strategic tying.

    Even if you don't wear this out on the town, it would be a cute swimsuit cover-up. Here's how to do it.

    8. Snip out the back and turn some of the excess fabric into strappy cords.

    Just make sure to wear sunscreen. Here's the tutorial.

    9. Cut up an old maxi skirt to make a colorful sundress.

    10. Use studs to make a diamond pattern in the back of a tee.

    Would be really pretty as the back of a T-shirt dress, too. Learn how to do it here.

    11. Layer lace over an old pair of white pants (or white dress, or whatever) and use it as a stencil.

    You'll need fabric markers like these, $12.99, which you can probably find at an office supply store. Here's the full step-by-step.

    12. Paint fabric dyes onto an old dress to make it colorful.

    13. Turn an old tee into an open-back workout shirt in 20 minutes.

    And of course you don't have to wear it just for working out. Here's the tutorial.

    14. Cut a straight line up the back of an old shirt or sweater, then attach Velcro for a trendy open back.

    Of course, a long-sleeved sweater will be a little warm for summer, but you can use the same technique on cooler tops. Here's how to do it.

    15. And use the rest of the excess to make these blister-free flip flops.

    16. Hot glue a string of sequins to a crop top to spell out a word.

    Like your name, if you want, or "love" or "summer" or just squiggles. Just make sure to hand wash the shirt in cold water so the sequins don't fall off. Here's the tutorial.

    17. Turn felt into a bleach stamp pad, and stamp patterns all over an old shirt or old pants.

    This will work for pretty much any cotton or cotton blend fabric. Here's the tutorial.

    18. Button and tie a work shirt so it fits like a shoulder-less crop top.

    Magnificent cacti not included. Here's how to do it.