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The Secret History Of The Photo At The Center Of The Black Confederate Myth

A 160-year-old tintype depicting Andrew Chandler and his slave Silas, both in Confederate uniform, has long been used as evidence that slaves willingly fought against the army that aimed to free them. Following the national backlash against Confederate iconography, Silas's descendants seek to debunk this once and for all.

Adam Serwer 3 years ago

Paying The Price

Forcing out prosecutors who refuse to treat police shootings as serious crimes is a significant milestone in the movement against unjustified police shootings of black Americans.

Adam Serwer 3 years ago

15 Memorable Crime Stories We Published This Year

An exoneree trying to rebuild his life. A woman arrested for reporting her rape. Illegally imported execution drugs. The charismatic leader of a shady religious group. A cop accused of sexually assaulting a dozen women. A black man beaten in an Oakland Whole Foods. Bongs as the new banks. The mystery of an epidemic of murder in Detroit. Here are 15 of the most moving, unnerving, infuriating, revelatory, and memorable crime stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2015.

Adam Serwer 4 years ago

The Antidote To Trump

The Republican Party's lack of diversity is the reason the party leadership has struggled to neutralize Donald Trump.

Adam Serwer 4 years ago

How The First Freddie Gray Case Ended In A Mistrial

The first trial against a police officer associated with the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man from Baltimore who died in police custody last April, came down to the prosecution's word against Officer William Porter's.

Adam Serwer 4 years ago

The Biggest Mystery Of Baltimore's Riots

How did a city where blacks are well-represented among the city government and police erupt in riots not seen since Martin Luther King Jr. was killed?

Adam Serwer 4 years ago

Here's How Ferguson Police Use Dogs On Town Residents

Ferguson police "have exclusively set their dogs against black individuals, often in cases where doing so was not justified by the danger presented," according to a Department of Justice report investigation released Wednesday.

Adam Serwer 4 years ago

16 Memorable Crime Stories We Published This Year

A high school teacher who abused his students. A Georgia prison allegedly covering up the rape of a trans inmate. The chaotic aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. The brief life and baffling death of an unarmed man shot dead by police in a Wal-Mart. A disappearing wage thief. The downfall of Mississippi's most progressive prison reformer. Here are a few of the most memorable crime stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2014.

Adam Serwer 5 years ago