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This Politician Shared An Article By A "Legal Rape" Advocate

"Know thyself ... "

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Australian senator Cory Bernardi has shared an article on Twitter written by a man who advocates "legal rape" and was banned from entering Australia earlier this year.

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, leader of men's rights group Return of Kings, was set to visit Australia for an international meet up of the group in February.

After a petition asking for Valizadeh to be banned sparked a media storm, immigration minister Peter Dutton said he would block Valizadeh's entry into the country. Valizadeh said he would come anyway, but he never showed up.

Twitter users were quick to call government backbencher Bernardi out for sharing an article from the controversial Valizadeh.

@corybernardi this site you just recommended has more offensive and perverse links than anything you imagined was in Safe Schools just fyi.

Bernardi reposts article written by a guy who thinks women shouldn't vote and rape should be legal. #PutLiberalsLast

Out of curiousity, how did you end up on the blog of a rape advocate? @corybernardi

Cory Bernardi suggesting we might enjoy reading the words of pro-rape blogger Roosh V.

And here's Cory Bernardi promoting Roosh, who advocates legalisation of rape

Titled "What Is A Social Justice Warrior", the lengthy piece criticises people with progressive and/or feminist politics who speak out against structural discrimination like racism, sexism and homophobia online.

It concludes that these social justice warriors discriminate against white men, and that their views are a threat to Western values.

Valizadeh is most well-known for a 2015 article titled "How To Stop Rape", in which he proposes legalising rape on private property as a way to stop it.

Other posts on Valizadeh's site include a step-by-step guide to dating in which men are advised to "stop asking for permission".

"Asking for permission introduces an awkward moment where the girl’s brain floods with reasons not to do what you are asking," the post reads. "Instead of asking, just do it and see what happens."

In a tweet beginning "Dear outraged", Bernardi said linking to the article doesn't mean he endorses Valizadeh's other views.

Dear outraged, the article I linked to is interesting in light of events of last week. It doesn't mean I endorse author's other views.

Bernardi has previously criticised the LGBTI anti-bullying program, the Safe Schools Coalition, for recommending various support groups and mental health charities through which people could conceivably end up on adult sites if they clicked a series of specific links.

Bernardi's second most recent tweet was posted five days ago, in which he asked "Why are the intolerant left so vile and disgusting?"

Why are the intolerant left so vile and disgusting?

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