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We Answered Your Relationship Questions And It Got Personal


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Look, no one knows anything about relationships ever. But being able to bounce your biggest problems off your fellow confused humans every once in awhile can at least make you feel a little less ~alone and clueless~. So, the women of Ladylike decided to have a big slumber party on Chantel's bed so we could try to answer some reader-submitted relationship questions as best we could:

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*we are obviously not licensed professionals in literally anything,

We had some insight on why going to prom without a date can actually be pretty cool:


We dished advice on how to approach ~hot people~ we want to talk to for the first time:

Aaaaaand we talked about what to say to hot people once you muster up the courage to say hello:


"Those are the four things you talk to someone new about... and you just remember FORD!"

We talked about what to do when you're queer and in love with someone straight:

We talked about what to do when you're pining for someone who doesn't love you back:

And, of course, it wouldn't be a slumber party without some ~girl talk~.

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