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33 Alternate Ways To Pronounce My Name

Nice try!

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Anjali Patel / BuzzFeed

1. Angelica

2. Angie

3. Annie

4. Sorry, can you say that one more time?

5. Abigail

6. Annabelle

7. I totally forget, what's your name again? I know it was something really unique.

Anjali Patel / BuzzFeed

8. Angelique


10. Angela

11. Miranda

12. Is that French?

13. Annalee

14. So we can't have normal names like "Mary" or "Sue" anymore, huh?

Anjali Patel / BuzzFeed

15. Amelia

16. Lee

17. Is that French for "angel"?

18. Angus

19. I know someone in high school with that name. She was really mean, like, a total asshole. But you seem nice.

20. Annette

21. Jelly

22. Can I just give you a nickname? I'm going to give you a nickname.

23. A

24. Antoine

25. Heeeeeeyyyyyy you!

26. How'd your parents come up with that one?

Anjali Patel / BuzzFeed

27. Here I'll find you on Facebook. Shouldn't be too hard, you're probably the only Anjali Patel, haha.

28. Arnold

29. But you don't look Indian!

30. Artemis Fowl

31. Aaliyah

32. Julie

33. Are you related to my doctor?

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