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    "A Sunday Kind Of Ashly" Newsletter Archive

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    January 8 — "A Lady's Guide To Conquering 2017"

    20th Century Fox

    Inside: How to conquer the year ahead, plus things I've been reading, watching, and listening to lately.

    "Know what you want from life, or what you'll end up with is a hodgepodge of everyone else's vision of you."

    December 4 — "Knowledge Is Sexy. Kindness Is Key."


    Inside: Your mind is a powerful thing. Plus, books I'm ready and news about my new show.

    "What I'm finding is that change only comes when people understand each other, and understanding can only be achieved through love and empathy."

    November 6 — "Do What Comes Naturally"

    Inside: Learning to love who you are and doing what comes naturally to you.

    "Just because something comes naturally to you does not make it objectively easy for everyone else. It's your talent and what you're uniquely good at and you should embrace it!"

    September 18 — "I Bet You Are Luckier Than You Think..."

    Twitter: @itsashlyperez

    Inside: Being grateful, even when things are tough.

    "The fact that I have food, shelter, money to go on vacations, people I laugh with constantly, strangers who read my newsletter, and a job that lets me make what I want, I should be unendingly grateful..."

    September 4 — "Rock Climbing & Chelsea Handler"

    Ashly Perez

    Inside: Lessons I've learned from rock climbing, and talking to Chelsea Handler!

    "Staring at the problem doesn't make it any easier — if anything, it just psyches you out. So get up there, fall, and then try again."

    August 21 — "Bird By Bird"

    Varvara Kurakina / Getty Images

    Inside: How I pick myself up to get past slumps.

    "Lately I've been learning you can't just talk about the thing, you have to do the thing."

    July 24 — "My Thoughts On The Madness Of 2016"

    Twitter: @itsashlyperez

    Inside: Thoughts on how to handle the craziness of this year.

    "For a while I thought I might just delete my Twitter, never visit Facebook, move to the woods and remove myself from all the hate. But lately I’ve been learning that in the face of unthinkable tragedy and heartache we must not escape from the world, but rather engage and empathize."

    July 10 — "Things That Make Me Feel Smarter"


    Inside: What makes me feel smart, period thoughts, and a reminder to register to vote!

    "I've always been fascinated with etymology (the origin of words) and how they subtly affect a word's meaning. For instance I have often been called a dilettante (a dabbler, someone who lightly engages in the arts for entertainment.) At first I was offended by the name until I looked it up. The root of dilettante is "dilettare" which in Latin means "to delight in." So really I am just a person who delights in many things."

    June 26 — "The Creative Lady I Admire Most"


    Inside: What I love about Nora Ephron, and You Do Two is finally here!

    "This is the quintessential rom-com. Nobody told me that I needed to watch it until I was like 17, but after that my life was changed. Because of this movie one of my life goals is to write a rom-com."

    June 12 — "Keep Being You"


    Inside: learning to be confident in yourself and albums I can listen to the whole way through.

    "Lately I’ve been learning I’ve always been enough, love can’t be earned, and annoying as it is the only thing you can do is keep being you."

    May 29 — "Seize The Day?"


    Inside: why seizing the day is actually kind bull, top 3 books that changed me, and a video that proves I am just trying to be Melissa McCarthy.

    "Lately I’ve been learning that when life is good, or honestly even when life is bad, most often it must be savored and not seized."

    May 15 — "The Myth Of The 'Big Break'"


    Inside: thoughts on waiting for your life to take off, top 3 inspiring online videos I enjoy, and an old video Quinta, Zach Kornfeld, and I made.

    "I used to think my life would never change. I’d be stuck in the same town, with the same people, doing the same things. Each day was like a single water drop dripping into the giant water bucket of my life. One drop at a time seemed too little to make a difference, there was no surface tension. I would never spill over, become someone new. But then one day it happened, and it’s been happening ever since.

    Lately I’ve been learning that you can’t force life to move faster, all you can do is do the work and wait for the water to spill over. "

    May 1 — "Short But Sweet"


    Inside: a rant on why I love Beyoncé's "Lemonade" and the top 3 TV shows that spiritually understand me.

    "Be the Bey you wish to see in the world."

    April 17 — "Even Hustlers Need Rest"

    Ashly Perez

    Inside: a reflection on finding real rest, top 3 songs to make you contemplate life, and a relaxing throwback video.

    "Lately I’ve been learning that life is nothing without rest. Hustle is invigorating, adrenaline-building, and honestly really fun. But even hustlers need a break."

    April 3 — "You Never Know!"

    Ashly Perez

    Inside: what I learned from my time in South Korea, top 3 movies you have to watch to understand me, and my special playlist of music we listened to while filming You Do Two.

    "Lately I’ve been learning, it doesn’t really matter how you get to your goal as long as you’re headed in the right direction."

    March 27 — "Questions & Ashlys"


    Inside: a special edition of questions from readers including best books on filmmaking, how to be alone, and being more positive.

    "Positivity can be a hard thing to master and it definitely takes practice to do so. I think the biggest key to being more positive is practicing gratitude. I know it sounds silly, but spend a few minutes once or twice a week thinking of things you’re grateful for."

    March 20 — "Do You, You Beautiful Butterfly"

    Ashly Perez

    Inside: How to learn to love yourself, top 3 questions I get asked, a throwback to that time I dressed like Beyoncé at work.

    "Lately I’ve been learning to be a little nicer to myself, to pursue myself like I would anyone else."