Kristen Bell Opens Up About Her Depression In This Heartwarming Essay

    "We’re all on team human here, and let’s be honest – it’s not an easy team to be on."

    Kristen Bell has written a powerful article for Motto detailing her experiences with depression and therapy, and encouraging others struggling with their mental health to seek help.

    The Veronica Mars actress reveals that she became depressed while studying at NYU, and sought help following advice from her mum.

    She also expresses the importance of speaking out about mental illness, so that people with similar problems will feel less alone.

    For me, depression is not sadness. It's not having a bad day and needing a hug. It gave me a complete and utter sense of isolation and loneliness. Its debilitation was all-consuming, and it shut down my mental circuit board. I felt worthless, like I had nothing to offer, like I was a failure. Now, after seeking help, I can see that those thoughts, of course, couldn't have been more wrong. It's important for me to be candid about this so people in a similar situation can realise that they are not worthless and that they do have something to offer.

    She writes about the stigma surrounding mental illness, pointing out that nearly 20% of American adults admit to struggling with their mental health.

    "We’re all on team human here, and let’s be honest – it’s not an easy team to be on," she writes. "It’s stressful and taxing and worrisome, but it’s also fulfilling and beautiful and bright."

    You can read the article in full here.