Picky Eaters Ate Adventurously For A Week And It Was Super Hard For Them

    "Mushrooms should only be consumed by Mario."

    Remember when you were a kid and your parents MADE you eat everything they cooked? Well, some people are super picky eaters and are physically repulsed by lots of foods. They agreed to let us push their boundaries and have them try to eat adventurously for a week. These are the results:

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    Before we dive in, we urge you to take a look at this GIF of Mike's reaction to eating a mussel. It perfectly encompasses everyone's reactions to everything in this video:

    All the picky eaters had a strong dislike for sushi. Fair enough, raw fish can freak people out.

    But, it became apparent that they also have an aversion to anything and everything with a texture.

    Many vegetables and fruits got the boot:


    They wanted to make sure we understood that there is a difference between being a "picky eater" and being stuck up:

    First up, we had them try mushroom tofu:

    Next, we served them sushi.

    I mean, for them, it was torturous:

    It was a dramatic experience:

    Despite their trauma, the picky eaters persevered for the rest of the week. Giving us such gems as, "It's green. The ABSOLUTE worst color for food."

    And sometimes they surprised everyone with their openness, especially themselves:

    But, they really did not enjoy oysters:

    However, in a shocking turn of events, escargot (aka SNAILS) were a big hit because of their buttery texture:

    By the end of the week, they were all super proud of themselves and willing to try to expand their horizons on a more regular basis.