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A Designer Revamped The Cab Of This Taxi Driver Who Helps People Out In Emergencies

He is 74 years old, can speak 11 languages, has the qualification to be an advanced engineer but is happiest while helping people.

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This is Vijay Thakur. A former Larsen & Toubro engineer who quit his job to drive a taxi and help people in emergencies.

Humans of Bombay

It all started when no one agreed to take him and his wife to the hospital when she was suffering from a miscarriage in the middle of the night. Now he provides his number to who anyone rides in his taxi so they can call him in a time of emergency.

Taxi Fabric, an organisation that showcases artists and designers inside Mumbai's taxis and rickshaws, took an interest in the story.

Their projects themes range from teaching sign language to imagery of peace between India and Pakistan. They were even featured in Coldplay's "Hymn For The Weekend" video that was shot in India.


"We felt a story like Vijay Thakur’s needed a canvas. And so, along with the designer, Poorva Shingre, we decided to realise it on a Taxi Fabric in his taxi itself," Sanket Avlani, the founder of Taxi Fabric said.

Taxi Fabric

Vijay's noble deeds speak volumes and the Taxi Fabric is a small token of appreciation for his humanity," says Avlani.

While talking to him, they found out that Thakur was exceptionally close to his daughter, Khushi. So they decided to name it "Khushi’s Ambulance".

Taxi Fabric

“These illustrations speak of his love and determination to help others in emergencies,” Shingre said.

"I've never been happier than I am today," Thakur told Humans Of Bombay.

Taxi Fabric

"I am 74 years old, can speak 11 languages, have children who work in private equity firms and have the qualification to be an advanced engineer, but the highlight of my life is that until today I have transported more than 500 emergency cases to the hospital and tried my best to at least give them a chance to survive."