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28 Pictures That Will Make Teachers Laugh Harder Than They Should

They'll never know.

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1. An introduction to teaching:

2. The only gift a teacher ever gets:

3. The mysterious case of the disappearing pencils:

4. Temporary student blindness:

5. The joy of a sick day:

6. Performing a seating chart switch-a-roo:

7. The ageing process:

8. "I'll wait":

9. The sentence every teacher has heard:

10. Rule #1:

11. The natural progression:

12. Directions face:

13. Stacks on stacks:

14. Taking care of BUSINESS:

15. Late-night grading:

16. THOSE questions:


18. That one kid who ACTUALLY has a pencil:

19. Font miscommunications:

20. The lunch sprint:

21. Your average mood:

22. Stealing from yourself:


24. Observation threats:

25. Using your telekinetic powers:

26. The loudest SHHHHHer:

27. A.B.E. = Always Be Explainin':

28. End-of-the-year feelings:

But hey, at least this will be you soon:

Via Twitter: @HSTeachProbs


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