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    10 Little Joys That Come Along With Adopting A Dog

    All photos are of rescued strays. ❤

    1. Receiving a grateful look like this every day. 🐶

    Instagram: @mayaclick

    It's like she's always saying, "Props for rescuing me from the street, dude, you're awesome."

    2. Feeling the warm fuzzies when he wants to play for hours on end.

    Instagram: @spaykcute

    Something he couldn't do when he was abandoned.

    3. Waking up every day next to a rascal like this, begging to go for a walk.

    Instagram: @ju_cao

    Now being "out on the street" just means taking a quick jaunt around the block.

    4. Seeing her lose her fear of other animals and making new friends.

    5. Looking at his face when he hides in a warm, snuggly place.

    6. Laughing at the mischief he now has all sorts of time and energy to get into.

    Instagram: @pacocalabralata

    Always inventing new ways to practice laziness.

    7. Having your heart melt every time you pet him.

    Instagram: @raivogado

    He's got a lot of lost time (and snuggles) to make up for.

    8. That sense of relief when you remember that he'll never need to go hungry again.

    9. Knowing that all she needs to worry about now is finding a nice little spot to catch some rays.

    Instagram: @viralatas

    No more feeling feeble, or afraid, or alone. Frees up a lot of time to sit back and relax.

    10. Realizing that he's much better off now with you, despite all his past difficulties.

    Instagram: @robinho_do_lixo_para_o_luxo

    Just like Robinho, who was thrown in the trash for being crippled, and now has a little wheelchair and a family that loves him. 💗

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