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Today In Facepalm: Our Nation's Biggest Issue, Snapchat, Has Reached "The New York Times"

And fear of Indian internet outrage has already made them issue a clarification.

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But wait, the ridiculousness doesn't stop there. In the report, they described Lata Mangeshkar as "a so-called playback singer" which, to some, might seem like a backhanded insult.

It wasn't meant to be a comment on Mangeshkar's voice, though. Playback singing is a foreign concept in the United States, and the "so-called" was meant for the profession.


The problematic phrasing was pointed out by a few Indians on Twitter.

So sweet of the @nytimes to try to reroute rage from Tanmay Bhat to New York.

And thus, fear of outrage that hadn't even happened yet made NYT South Asia bureau chief Ellen Barry issue a clarification on the matter.

A note on "so-called": Used here for non-Indian readers unfamiliar w term "playback singer." In no way a commentary.