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    16 Pins For People Who DGAF

    Cool pins, don't care.

    1. This pin that lets everyone know how precious your time is.

    2. This pin that lets everyone know what you're not.

    3. A pin that just says exactly what you're feeling.

    4. This pair of pins, for when you and your BFF just wanna give the world the bird.

    5. A pin of your favorite exclamation.

    6. A pin for when RBF is just your face.

    7. This pin that explains everything you're thinking.

    8. A glow-in-the-dark pin for when no words are needed.

    9. A pin for when you're really digging your look.

    10. This Medusa pin, because your RBF turns men into stone.

    11. A Magic 8-Ball pin that answers every question you can't be bothered with.

    12. This pin, for letting people know to stay on your good side.

    13. This pin that warns everyone who you are ahead of time.

    14. This pin that says it all for you.

    15. This pin for all the thirsty girls in the world.

    16. And finally, this gentle reminder that everyone should just leave you alone.