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    ASOS Wants You To Know Its Super Long Jeans Aren't A Mistake

    It's a new style.

    Online clothing retailer ASOS has been in a bit of a pickle lately, with people taking to social media to complain about their jeans being really, really fuckin' long.

    GeorgeRiggall / Via Twitter: @GeorgeRiggall

    Honestly, some of these jeans are just... ridiculous.

    something tells me asos sent me the wrogg size jeans @ASOS_HeretoHelp

    And people are trying their best to deal.

    @ASOS_HeretoHelp hmm not to sure about that one.

    But ASOS told BuzzFeed News Wednesday that the super long jeans aren't a result of a factory stuff-up or wrong order. Really. It's just a new style.

    "The ASOS Super Skinny Stacker Jeans are a new menswear style which are cut longer than standard length to allow a gathered effect at the ankles," a spokesperson for ASOS said.

    ASOS said it enjoyed the pictures being sent to them by customers — but this is how the jeans ~should~ be worn.

    So there you go: Super skinny "stacker jeans" are ~so~ hot right now. Apparently.

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