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A Guy On Tumblr Actually Got Custom-Made M&Ms About Macing His Stepdad

He didn't mace his stepdad. He doesn't even have a stepdad. But he's sorry, Gary.

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But not for Henry Birdseye, a 31-year-old product designer from Chicago, who first — as a joke — personalized some M&Ms about "apologizing for accidentally macing my stepdad" on their website.


And the best part? Henry tells us not a single co-worker has noticed what's on the M&Ms.

"When I put out a bowl of my joke M&Ms, pretty much everyone was just like 'cool, free candy," he said. "People in general don't like to be asked to read, and snack time is no exception to that rule, even if there is a random old man's face on the snacks."

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