Shaq Disguised Himself As A Lyft Driver And I Can't Stop Laughing

    "My name is Pierre and I'm from France."

    You might have seen a few celebrities become undercover Lyft drivers. Most recently, none other than Shaquille O'Neal gave it a shot, and it'll give you one more reason to love the 7'1" man.

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    He dressed up as different characters. First, there was the Frenchman named Pierre — who didn't speak French.

    Then there was Goose...

    ...and no matter what character Shaq played, he took the role very seriously.

    He even had a few cypher sessions with some of his customers...

    ...and taught others how to correctly use their vocal cords.

    And when people found out they were really driving with Shaq? They damn near peed themselves.

    Afterward, he took selfies with everyone...

    ...and reminded all of us why we adore the Big Shaqtus.