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    Kill The Bridesmaid Game With These Elegant DIY Pearl Hangers

    Here comes the beads. Here comes the beads.

    What you need:

    *1 old dry-cleaning hanger

    *Large plastic pearl beads

    *Wire cutters

    *Hot glue gun with glue sticks



    *Tags (optional)


    1. Straighten the top hook of the hanger using your hands.

    2. Push and thread beads onto the hook until you have space for only one more bead; bend the hook back to its original shape. Use hot glue to attach the final bead.

    3. Use wire cutters to snip the bottom piece of the hanger in half.

    4. Straighten one side of the hanger; push and thread beads onto the wire. Bend the wire back into shape as you go.

    5. Repeat on the other side. Use hot glue and one bead to secure the two cut ends of the hanger together. Hold and let cool so the glue hardens.

    6. Cut and tie ribbon around the neck of the hanger to cover the naked wire. Add name tags, if desired.

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