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Palantir Cofounder Says "Social Justice Warriors" Helped Create Trump

“This is one of the least healthy things that has happened to our country.”

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Facebook’s New Camera Could Make It Even Harder To Tell What’s Real

“You can add a second coffee mug, so it looks like you’re not having breakfast alone.”

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg’s Makeover Is a Political Campaign Without the Politics

Mark Zuckerberg’s likability blitz isn’t a presidential campaign, it’s a focus group for his 1.8 billion constituents, and part of a high-stakes campaign to win your likes.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

"Silicon Valley" Finished Its Homework And Now It Gets To Have Some Fun

The creators are ready to take their learnings for a spin around Erlich Bachman’s living room.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

What Happens When Your Neighbor Is A Venture Capitalist

“It's like a Zuckerberg style neighborhood takeover”

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

This Trojan Horse App Sneaks Vital Info To Women In Iran

Under the guise of a simple period-tracking app, Hamdam, which launched in Iran this weekend, will feature information about taboo subjects like STDs, contraception, domestic violence, and marriage contracts.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

These Photos Tell The Stories Of Tech Workers Affected By Trump’s Immigration Order

"Immediately after Trump was elected, my first thought was, 'Thank goodness my son looks white,' which is a terrible thought to have."

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Even Good-Guy Student Loan Startups Still Favor the Rich

Student-loan refinancing is one of Silicon Valley's hottest new mini-sectors, with a fresh crop of startups leveraging buzzy marketing and proprietary algorithms in a race to reshape the loan. But despite the hype, only the top tier of graduates qualify. Can technology ever change that?

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Sheryl Sandberg Explains Why Silicon Valley Won’t Confront Trump

“I think it’s early — I can’t sit on this stage and predict (and predict) what will happen."

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Thousands Of Harvard Alumni Implore Jared Kushner For A Meeting

More than 2,000 of them signed an open letter asking to share their concerns with the Trump adviser.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Google's Eric Schmidt: Trump Administration Will Do "Evil Things"

The longtime CEO of the company that pledged not to “be evil” shared his unvarnished thoughts on the Trump administration with Google employees.

William Alden • 2 years ago

Apple, Google, Uber, Tesla, And Others React To Trump's Refugee Ban

IBM, Palantir and Oracle did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Oracle CEO Safra Catz serves on a Trump administration advisory committee as do Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

Charlie Warzel • 2 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg Says He's Not Running For President

“No,” the Facebook CEO told BuzzFeed News in response to a question about his political ambitions.

Alex Kantrowitz • 2 years ago

Kushner's Brother Goes From The Women’s March To The White House

Josh Kushner, brother of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, has tried to avoid the spotlight throughout the presidential election, despite the fact that his health care company, Oscar Health, depends on Obamacare.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Palantir Tried To Placate Protesters With Free Philz Coffee

Protesters want more from Palantir than just a pledge.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

The Year Of Bots Behaving Badly

Tech pundits predicted bots would change the way humans talk to computers, but the bots launched in 2016 could barely keep up their side of the conversation.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Google, Apple, Uber, IBM Say They Would Not Help Build A Muslim Registry

Google, Apple, Uber, and IBM said they would not help build a Muslim registry. Meanwhile, Oracle declined to comment.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Microsoft: "We Wouldn’t Do Any Work To Build A Registry Of Muslim Americans”

One day after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with President-elect Donald Trump, the tech company clarified its position in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Facebook Spokesperson Calls Muslim Registry "Straw Man"

The company subsequently refused to comment on whether it would decline to participate in building such a registry, or endorse data collection policies championed by a group of Silicon Valley technology employees.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago

Silicon Valley Engineers Pledge To Never Build A Muslim Registry

Engineers and employees from major tech companies — including Google, IBM, Slack, and Stripe — have pledged never to build a database of people based on their religious beliefs.

Nitasha Tiku • 2 years ago