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Even Good-Guy Student Loan Startups Still Favor the Rich

Student-loan refinancing is one of Silicon Valley's hottest new mini-sectors, with a fresh crop of startups leveraging buzzy marketing and proprietary algorithms in a race to reshape the loan. But despite the hype, only the top tier of graduates qualify. Can technology ever change that?

Nitasha Tiku 2 years ago

The Year Of Bots Behaving Badly

Tech pundits predicted bots would change the way humans talk to computers, but the bots launched in 2016 could barely keep up their side of the conversation.

Nitasha Tiku 3 years ago

Facebook Spokesperson Calls Muslim Registry "Straw Man"

The company subsequently refused to comment on whether it would decline to participate in building such a registry, or endorse data collection policies championed by a group of Silicon Valley technology employees.

Nitasha Tiku 3 years ago