Apparently, British Troops Are Using Bollywood Music To Freak Out ISIS Fighters

    It has come down to this.

    Over the past few years, nations around the globe have been working tirelessly to rid the world of the scourge of ISIS militants.

    With current tactics clearly not working, British armed forces have apparently decided to try a new secret weapon to defeat the enemy – Bollywood music.

    That's right, no jokes. According to multiple reports, British special forces in Libya are trying to drive out holed up ISIS militants by blasting Hindi film songs at them.

    The Daily Mirror reported that the idea was given to them by a Pakistani-born intelligence officer, who told the troops that Bollywood tunes would annoy ISIS.

    According to The Sun, the psychological operations unit managed to infiltrate the fighters' communications network and flooded their lines with Bollywood numbers.

    Will the strategy work? Depends on the music they choose, really.