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This Guy Riding A Unicycle Along A Tiny Ridge Will Give You Extreme Vertigo

Do not try this on your own.

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At its peak, Castle Butte is only about a metre wide, with a long and dangerous drop to either side. So, naturally, Guignard rode a unicycle on top of the butte.

J.D. Guignard

He told BuzzFeed Canada that he is pretty sure he's the first person to have unicycled on the butte, which was his main motivation for the stunt.

Here's what it looked like from his perspective.

J.D. Guignard / Via

Guignard said he was in no real danger, although he did have to contend with the wind. Luckily, the breeze was at his back. Had it been coming from either side, things would have been more difficult.

He said he felt some jitters on the way up, but once up there he became "one with the unicycle."

"I calmed down once I was up top. The view was brilliant," Guignard said.

Here's the full video of Guignard's stunt.

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