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    People LOVE This Adorable 8-Year-Old Who Presented His Game To Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

    This 8-year-old knows he wants to be the next CEO, and I'm 25 and don't know what to eat for lunch.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was recently in Mumbai, and while there he met 8-year-old Medansh Mehta.

    While at a conference hosted by Microsoft, Mehta had the opportunity to present a game he had created to Nadella.

    Shereen Bhan, the Managing Editor of CNBC-TV18, uploaded a video in which Mehta adorably explains the entire incident of meeting Nadella. It has gone massively viral, garnering more than 100,000 shares and almost 5 million views in just two days.

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    Oh, and FYI, he definitely has big plans for his future.