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    Holy Shit, This Guy Created A Monster 75kg Halal Snack Pack

    Halal AF.

    This week Perth resident Taylor Stevens excited the halal snack pack community by uploading this image of a 2.4m long, 75kg snack pack.

    Instagram: @taystev /

    Yep, that's eight pizza boxes long.

    Sharing the review in the HSPAS group, Stevens broke down the stats of the mega snack pack much to the delight of group members.

    Rating the meat, sauce, and cheese a10/10 and the chips a respectable 9/10 because of the expected sogginess in the first few boxes.

    Like all good snack packs should, he revealed that the Perth Kebab Station HSP consisted of 34kg of chips, 30kg of meat, 6kg of cheese and 5kg of sauces.

    Instagram: @hspasofficial /

    The holy trinity of garlic, BBQ, and chilli, of course.

    Now that's a whole lot of halal fun.

    Instagram: @nadine.amesz /

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