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September 1, 2013

Kanye West Performs At Kazakh President's Grandson's Wedding

President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has ruled the oil-rich Central Asian republic since before the collapse of the Soviet Union, reportedly paid Kanye $3 million to play.

In Their Districts, Members Of Congress Demanded A Syria Vote

A quiet groundswell in the districts preceded the president's reversal. Talk of impeachment.

Skepticism Runs High On Capitol Hill After Classified Syria Briefing

"There's a lot of memories of another time when the president's people came in and said they had slam-dunk intelligence and that's not an episode most members ever want to repeat," said Rep. Jim Himes.

12 Of The Best Quotations In The History Of "Futurama"

Bad news, everyone! Futurama, one of the smartest written animated shows in television history will close the curtain (again) on Wednesday night.

We Just Lived Through The Most Twerk-Filled Week In Human History

Internet interest in twerking reached a peak Tuesday, and by Thursday the words "twerk" or "twerking" were used on television more than a thousand times in a day. Congratulations, you made it through peak twerk.

Syria Splits The Professional Left

Progressive leaders and organizations are happy Obama is going to Congress — but to do what? "We are not united as a community," says Jim Dean.

33 Unbelievable Instagrams And Vines From Electric Zoo

The high-profile EDM festival was a raucous, nonstop party before tragedy struck.

Russian Activist Charged Under "Gay Propaganda" Law

Dmitry Isakov may become the first person convicted under a law banning "promoting non-traditional sexual relations."

35 Vintage Cats At Sea

Cats and sailors go way back.

11 Times Congress Has Declared War On Another Country, And Why

"Congress shall have power to ... declare War" But Congress hasn't actually declared war since World War II.

Obama's Decision To Seek Syria Strike Support From Congress As Told By 20 Foreign Front Pages

"Iraq War Haunts Obama." [Ed. note: Some of these translations may not been exact.]

One Direction's Concert Doc: Better Than Katy Perry, Worse Than Justin Bieber

UPDATED: One Direction: This is Us is neither the worst nor the best 3-D concert film at the box office, but it ultimately wasn't strong enough to capture first place over the four-day Labor Day weekend.

All The Great Mad Men Era Volkswagen Ads

Consider this the best advertising course you'll ever take. 50 ads in chronological order, more or less.

20 Ways You Know You Go To A Small Liberal Arts College

Because your individualized learning is paramount to the classic college experience.

30 Delicious Things To Cook In September

Cool enough to turn on the oven, but still warm enough for ice cream. September, you're the best.

28 Musical Theater Life Ruiners You Should Get To Know

Life Ruiner: (noun) Someone who is unbelievably perfect; ruins your image on how most people are; makes you believe that most people are unworthy because there is someone like him/her around.

9 Awesome Uses For That Card Catalog You Scored

You have nabbed the holy grail for DIYers: a real, honest-to-goodness, genuine library card catalog. Now what do you do with it?

Things You Feel The Morning After The Gym

Exercise is amazing! Except when it's not, which is most of the time afterwards.

EDM Festival Cancelled After Two Deaths

The Electric Zoo dance music festival held on Randall’s Island in New York City ended a day early after two concertgoers died from apparent overdoses of MDMA.

Everyone Should Look At This Footage From The New "Sherlock"

The new BBC One drama trailer has just been released. It features a sneak peek of series three.

When Kitten Fun Turns Ugly

Kitten: 1, Humans: Lesson learned

Journalist David Frost Dies At 74

Frost, known his 1977 interview with former President Richard Nixon, passed away Saturday.

8 Washi Tape Projects To Make Back-To-School Less Traumatizing

Sure, summer is over. But that doesn't mean you can't win at going back to school with these awesome washi tape DIYs.

Samples From Syria Tested Positive For Sarin, Kerry Says

Updated: "Hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of Sarin," Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday on "Meet The Press." "This case is building and this case will build."

21 Things Celebrities Did This Week

From the completely random to mundane, here are all of the noteworthy things that you probably missed for your viewing pleasure.

Clemson, Georgia Capable Of A BCS Title Rematch

Clemson, Georgia Capable of a BCS Title Rematch... #RML #RantNCAAF #CFB #SEC #ACC

Blurred Lines As A Bedtime Story

Better than warm milk.

Diana, That SAS Murder Claim - And Why It May Not Be As Mad As You Think

I have spoken to eye-witnesses, French and British intelligence officers, SAS soldiers and to friends of Diana and Dodi. And I have interviewed the Brittany-based parents of the 41-year-old chauffeur Henri Paul. They told me, with tears in their…

Fight LGBTs Like Russia Fought The Nazis, U.S. Anti-Gay Activist Tells Putin

In an open letter to the Russian president, activist Scott Lively tells Vladimir Putin his fight against the "homosexualist movement" has just begun.

How To Offend Vegans And Not Really Apologize, By A United States Senator

"So sorry I offended so many vegans. In Missouri we raise pigs and cattle and chickens to eat them."

What The Anchor Who Fell Asleep On National Fox News Needs

This poor, sleepy fool fell asleep during a newscast on Fox. This is what we need to get him.

Diane Keaton Is Reviewing Hot Guys On Twitter Now

This plus a box of wine = perfection.

19 Reasons Grocery Shopping Can Be Awful

We have all been there. Think you're gonna make a quick in and out for some groceries, but it never happens that way does it? Nope! Here is a list of the top 19 things that drive me insane while trying to get through the grocery store. I'm sure you can all relate.

This Dashcam Video Of A Landslide In Taiwan Is Absolutely Terrifying

Nothing good ever happens when you've got a dashcam. Nothing.

18 Nick & Jess New Girl Gifs


R.I.P Wasabichan...The Cutest Kitten From Japan Has Passed Away

For last couple of months, we've been covering the progress of Wasabichan, a kitten rescued by @jessiepon, who, became viral on internet from dressing up in her famous knitted mushroom suit. Sadly, the kitten has passed away on August 27th. This is a memorial post celebrating Wasabichan's life, with photos from her last happy days.

Spiked Shaved Ice And A Beard And Mustache Hootenanny

Because you don't have a lot of time to think about what you're doing this weekend, what with you now having to swim to your job…

Best BYOBs In Chicago - Find Your Neighborhood's Best BYOBs

If you're looking to sidestep exorbitant cocktail prices like an angry bull (or at least a sweaty Tom Thibodeau) when you're out to eat, then bring your own booze to any of these BYOB-friendly establishments. From sushi to BBQ, from humble hot dog…

Hillary Clinton Stays Quiet On Syria

The former Secretary of State, who once pushed to aid and arm the Syrian rebels, has yet to weigh in on Obama's plan for military intervention. A "lasting regret."

Crossing Those Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke Pictured Gripping College Student's Bottom In Snap Tweeted To Wife Paula Patton

However, a suspicious photo emerged on Thursday showing the 36-year-old getting up close and personal with a female fan who MailOnline can exclusively reveal as student and socialite Lana Scolaro.

Amanda Rosenberg: Google Girl Who Went To Kate Middleton's School And Boss Sergey Brin In Romance That's Rocked Silicon Valley

Google has been rocked by talk of the romance, and a spokesman yesterday confirmed that Brin – one of the world’s richest men with a £15billion fortune – has for several months been living apart from his wife of six years Anne Wojcicki, the mother of his two children.

Kris Jenner, Fox Deny Reports That Her Talk Show Got The Axe

Radar Online reported Wednesday that Kris Jenner's daytime talk show been canceled due to "abysmal" ratings, despite Kanye West's unusually energetic appearance last week.

Uwe Boll’s Misspelled Kickstarter: Sad Reality Or Brilliant Joke?

The irony of Uwe Boll taking to Kickstarter to finance his next film, which he did recently, is rich, considering the most commonly asked question about Uwe Boll was how his terrible movies ever got financed in the first place.

Supercut: Go F*ck Yourself + The Morning Links

NOMINATE for Comments of the Week. FOLLOW Vince on Twitter. FAN US on Facebook. SUBSCRIBE to the Frotcast. The Morning Links Kim Jong-Un’s Ex-Lover Executed By Firing Squad for “Pornography” |FilmDrunk| ‘Blurred Lines’ Is Approaching The [...]

The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To Obama's Plans To Bomb Syria

The memes are running 10-1 against, Mr. President.

10 Reasons Pewdiepie Is Awesome

In honor of Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, becoming the most subscribed man on Youtube, here are ten reasons why you should love the Swedish gamer.

Cory Booker Walks Back Opposition To Military Intervention In Syria

After making an impassioned case earlier this week against another war, the senate candidate defers to Obama's judgement. "I expect that the president will clearly delineate what the strategic objectives are," says Booker.

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