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Putin Endorses Donald Trump For President

The Russian for "tremendous!" is замечательно!

Max Seddon 3 years ago

The Guys Fell Asleep When Putin Was Speaking

Several senior politicians visibly struggled to keep their eyes open during the Russian president's speech, including the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

Russia And Turkey Seem Content To Troll Each Other — For Now

When Turkey shot down a Russian plane last week, many feared what would happen next. But the ensuing war of words has not yet escalated into all-out conflict.

Borzou Daragahi 3 years ago

Just Because You're Dead Doesn't Mean Russia Will Leave You Alone

EU member Cyprus is now helping Russia in proceedings against Sergei Magnitsky, a whistleblowing lawyer who died in prison after the men he accused of stealing $230 million had him arrested.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

France's Far Right Is Set To Take Advantage Of Paris Attacks At The Ballot Box

National Front leader Marine Le Pen is expected to win important regional elections next month that could be a stepping stone to France's presidency.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

Paris May Have Opened The Door To Bringing Russia In From The Cold

In the aftermath of last week's deadly attacks, Russia has seen itself go from pariah state to possible partner with the West against ISIS.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

Paris Raids Turn Neighborhood Into A War Zone For A Day

“It’s war in Saint-Denis,” one resident wrote on Snapchat after hearing gunshots and police sirens.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

France’s 9/11 Moment Sees Politicians On All Sides Veer Right

The attacks in Paris are pushing France to a galvanizing point of no return that will likely to set the tone of French politics for some time.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

Paris Attacks Raise Questions About What French Authorities Knew And Why They Failed

"We were expecting something. We knew it was coming,” a Western diplomat told BuzzFeed News.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

Washington's Man In Ukraine Can't Stop His Country's Corrupt Cronies

Ukraine's Western allies backed Arseniy Yatsenyuk when he became prime minister and vowed to "wage a war" on graft. But as the country's fight against corruption stalls, many in Kiev see his government as part of the problem.

Max Seddon 3 years ago

Big Shakeups At Cisco In Russia Amid Bribery And Sanctions Allegations

The changes come amid a U.S. bribery probe and a BuzzFeed News report on allegations that the company altered records to provide high tech equipment to Vladimir Putin’s security services.

Aram Roston 3 years ago

"Europe's Last Dictator" Just Crushed Another Election

Exit polls showed Alexander Lukashenko winning a fifth term as president of the repressive post-Soviet state on Sunday with over 80% of the vote — the exact total he had said he would get.

Max Seddon 4 years ago

Belarus Accepts “Europe’s Last Dictator” May Be Its Best Option

As Belarus prepares to vote on Sunday, Alexander Lukashenko has no intent of relinquishing control. Max Seddon reports from Minsk for BuzzFeed News.

Max Seddon 4 years ago

The Newest Nobel Prize Winner Wasted No Time In Slamming Her Country's Dictator

Svetlana Alexievich hit out at Belarus's Alexander Lukashenko during a press conference after winning the Nobel Prize in literature.

Max Seddon 4 years ago

Nobel Prize In Literature Awarded To Belarusian Writer Svetlana Alexievich

Svetlana Alexievich is known for her work as an investigative journalist in Russia and the former Soviet Union. BuzzFeed News's Max Seddon attended Alexievich's press conference in Minsk on Thursday, where she criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jessica Simeone 4 years ago

Russia Wants To Show You All The Military Tech It's Using In Syria

Moscow is presenting its airstrike campaign as a triumph against the threat of ISIS, and shrugging off Western criticism.

Max Seddon 4 years ago

Russia Creates Its Own Reality For Syrian Campaign

Moscow is calling all anti-Assad forces “terrorists” much as it called Ukraine’s government “fascists” — and is taking a leaf from the U.S. playbook, too.

Max Seddon 4 years ago

Russia's Anti-ISIS Airstrike Campaign Begins With Attack On Western-Backed Rebel Areas

Moscow claims Syrian-piloted Russian jets are targeting ISIS, but Syrian activists post video showing attacks in areas controlled by rebels opposed to Bashar al-Assad.

Borzou Daragahi 4 years ago

Russia Launches Airstrikes In Syria

President Vladimir Putin said Russian warplanes were helping an offensive by the Assad regime. Earlier, the upper house of the Russian parliament unanimously granted permission to deploy armed forces.

Francis Whittaker 4 years ago

Vladimir Putin Says The United States Is "Dangerously" Undermining World Order

The Russian president said it would be a mistake to stop working with Bashar al-Assad's government